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AltDrive Review. Secure Cloud Backup and Storage

Find out more about AltDrive cloud backup and storage from our AltDrive review. Read about AltDrive pricing and more in a short, all-encompassing AltDrive review. AltDrive was established as a cloud storage and backup solution in 2005. The strong selling points of AltDrive are the fact that it is among the cheapest services on the market, it supports multiple platforms and offers virtually unlimited backup. The less attractive points of AltDrive encrypted cloud storage is that it offers no sharing features and no mobile apps.

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AltDrive Review at a Glance

AltDrive proposes a simple use program for backing up, storing and archiving all your files. While it can be accessed online via the intuitive and user-friendly interface, it is also available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Nonetheless, there are no AltDrive mobile apps. Their lack signals the fact that the cloud storage and backup service is not designed for those who would like to back up their mobile devices. Moreover, any file sharing features are not integrated in the same way as with Dropbox, Crashplan or OneDrive.

AltDrive Pricing Plans

AltDrive is one of the cheapest cloud storage and backup services on the market. Whether you’re looking for a personal cloud solution or one intended for your business, AltDrive has it covered. We included the pricing plans for each package in our AltDrive review for easier access.


AltDrive Home Gold

AltDrive Home Platinum

AltDrive Biz

$4.45/month or $44.5/year

$2.76/month/machine for annual subscription

$3.25/month/user and $0.15/GB

Supports one computer

Supports three computers

Supports as many computers as needed to meet the business’s needs.

Unlimited backup, storage and encryption

Unlimited backup, storage and encryption

Unlimited backup, storage and encryption


All the packages offered by AltDrive include the same features, without differentiations. None of the packages features a file size cap limit. This is one of the strong selling points of AltDrive as backing up larger files is often an issue. In addition to unlimited cloud storage and backup, this feature is rendered quite attractive for those who have large size files to backup.

You can try any of the packages for free during a 30-day trial period. Your credit card details are not required in order to begin the trial period.

Getting Started with AltDrive

Getting started with AltDrive is seamlessly easy. Visit their website and create a user account. Signup for the package you would like to try out. Download the AltDrive software on your computer. AltDrive is a multi-platform service. Thus it covers the most used operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux) while not being designed for mobile devices.

Following the signup and software installing process, AltDrive automatically guides you through the following steps with the help of a configuration wizard. The steps are as follows:

  • Sign in.
  • Decide between using your own encryption key for the transferred files and the default encryption key offered by AltDrive. The latter option is recommended. Nonetheless, if you have experience with using your own encryption key, it’s good to know that AltDrive supports it.
  • Create a file backup set.
  • Choose the type of backup you would like AltDrive to perform. Whether it’s hands-off or automatic, choose the schedule when you want the backup performed. The default option offered by AltDrive is from Monday to Friday.
  • Note that Network attached storage (NAS) backup is not supported for AltDrive Gold or Platinum. AltDrive Biz is the only package supporting NAS backup.

File Restoring with AltDrive

Another strong selling point of the cloud storage and backup service mentioned in this AltDrive review is the easy process of restoring your files. Restoring your files can be easily done by accessing the restore wizard. The options are highly intuitive and quite explicit. Select backup set, choose the files you wish to restore and press restore. You can also select a restore time.

File Transfer Speed

AltDrive promises to not strain your system or max out your connection speed. This aspect depends of course on your connection speed as well as other applications running in the background.

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AltDrive Security

AltDrive promises utmost security for all your files during transfer and storage on the AltDrive servers located in Seattle. The professional standard of the AltDrive cloud storage and backup service uses dual SSL/AES 256-bit encryption.

The storage of data is in secure off-site facilities. Some of the security features include caged server racks as well as multiple surveillance layers and professional surveillance on-site. Data retention is also redundant. The default wipe windows are set at 30 days.

AltDrive Customer Service

If you encounter any troubleshooting problems or issues in installing the software, the website provides a tutorial and frequently asked questions section. However, AltDrive doesn’t offer any round-the-clock customer service, phone line or online.

Technical support is done on a ticket-based system. Whatever your question, you will be responded in a one-day timeframe.

AltDrive Review Conclusion

AltDrive cloud storage and backup solution is a good match for home and business users who are looking for a decently priced and easy to use service. Security features are standard, offering a secure environment for file transfer and storage off-site. However, there is no option to back up your files locally. All the files are backed up online.

The cloud storage service works on multiple platforms. Nonetheless, there are no mobile apps, which render the service rather outdated compared to the competition. There is no storage space limit for cloud storage and backup. In addition, AltDrive has not implemented a file size cap under any of the packages.

AltDrive cloud storage solution also offers some customizable features including schedule creation, filter selections, and others. These are useful to create a customized experience for each user. Data management, encryption, and storage is a breeze albeit some essential collaboration and sharing features lack entirely. In a nutshell, our AltDrive review recommends the service for those who are looking for a cheap cloud storage and backup service at a basic level.

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