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Autotask Review – Affordable Business Cloud Storage Solution

Developed by Soonr, Autotask is a versatile cloud storage service that provides file sync and share, a high degree of security and enables team collaboration for small enterprises. If you’re not sure if this is the right cloud storage service for you and your company, then read our Autotask review. We will analyze the main features and benefits Autotask provides for companies as well as the different service plans Soonr offers for the service. We will also be reviewing the security of the service and establish the advantages and drawbacks Autotask has in the cloud storage market.

Main Features

In our review of Autotask, we will look at the company’s different major features of a business cloud storage service such as file sync and share and back up, as well as other specific features.

File Sync & Share

Autotask FSS page

The file sync and share (FSS) feature is the heart of any enterprise cloud storage solution since it’s the feature that allows a high degree of team collaboration and efficiency. In this regard, Autotask meets all the common industry standards and even surpasses them thanks to a few excellent features.


  • No size limit: Autotask does impose a limit on the amount or size of files that you need to sync. This is especially useful for companies that deal with large files.
  • Selective sync: Autotask surpasses standard synchronization services thanks to its capacity to sync sub-folders as well as un-sync certain unneeded files to prevent cluttering.
  • Lan Sync: large files can be quickly synced across multiple devices in the same local area network.


  • Public link: allows the company to share files with people who don’t have access to its Autotask cloud, such as clients and future employees. The linked files can be password protected and modified.
  • Private share room: Autotask has an enhanced version of this standard features thanks to the degree of access admins can provide to a user: full access, create and modify, modify, and read only. File locking prevents the editing of a file until the admin unlocks it.
  • More control: admins can easily remove users from accessing specific files or the entire cloud to maintain data security in case of a lost

The file sync and share features are all the more useful if it is available on as many platforms as possible. In this regard, Autotask supports all major desktop and laptop platforms including Linux. Mobile platforms have not been ignored, as Autotask is available on both Android and iOS as well as BlackBerry.

Cloud Backup

Autotask cloud backup page

Not all cloud services provide FSS features as well as backup solutions. Currently, only a few select services do so, but this trend is increasingly being adopted by business cloud storage apps. Autotask is one such service that provides a dedicated backup feature. Unfortunately, it comes with some drawbacks as it can’t compare to specialized backup solutions like Mozy or CrashPlan.

  • Independent backups: your backed up files count towards your storage limit but are separate from your synced materials.
  • Selective backups: users can select whatever file or folder they want to back up. They can select whether to sync or back up depending on the network connection.
  • No scheduling options: Autotask doesn’t provide users the option to set dates for when to back up files automatically.
  • No libraries: can’t create sets of similar types of content which are backed up more often.

We recommend using the backup features for only the most important files and documents of your business in case of a system failure.

Other Features

Besides the general functions of any cloud storage service, Autotask has a few particular features that make it stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • Service desk: customize dashboards with the info and metrics you need; simplify your schedule with a dispatcher workshop.
  • Microsoft Cloud Service Portfolio: manage all your Microsoft cloud apps with reports made in real-time.
  • Customer Relationship Management: facilitates access to contracts, tickets, opportunities and task; analyze the performance of your company through customer satisfaction; offers both self-help tools and customer service.

Price Plans

Autotask is price competitive with other similar services on the market however it has several advantages. It does not impose any limits on the amount or size of files. Different versions of files will not count towards your storage limit.

       Service Plans Price per user per month     Users   Storage per user

Business Individual


       1           50 GB

Business Pro


     3-5           50 GB
Agency    $13    5-10           50 GB

Although Autotask offers only 50 GB of storage capacity per user, it has the option to reallocate unused space to another user. Thus, users who only require 5 GB, for example, can help out their colleagues who handle large files by giving them the 45 GB of their storage capacity left unused. Additionally, if companies require more storage they can purchase increments of 100 GB per user and reallocate it to fit their needs.

If you’re not completely convinced about purchasing Autotask, then we recommend installing the free personalized demo offered by the company.


Autotask takes the security of your company seriously and implements high-security measures to protect your files. Files in transit and at rest are protected using 256-bit AES encryption. Companies can also choose to have a unique encryption key that keeps rotating for every file. Another security measure provided by Autotask is that it has the ability to control setup device policies and access permissions.

The increased security measures of Autotask and any other enterprise cloud storage service is one of the main reasons for why a business should switch from consumer level cloud services like Dropbox or OneDrive. For a more comprehensive presentation of the security measures  Soonr implemented in Autotask, download their security architecture guide.


Overall, Autotask is a versatile and comprehensive cloud storage service which provides companies the means to grow, improve and become more productive at what they do. The combination of great FSS features and the options for backups coupled with tight security measures make Autotask an excellent cloud service for any small company. The affordable service plans and the flexibility it provides regarding storage capacity is what makes the service truly stand out from other services.

What do you think about Soonr’s Autotask cloud storage service?

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