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Best Cloud Storage For Android: Speed, Sharing, Storage, Cost

Cloud storage continues to pick up speed. Platforms and services have become more user-friendly than before, and the data shadows cast by the almighty storage clouds reached phones and tablets a long time ago. And now that the dust has begun to settle, the world is left wondering what the best cloud storage for Android is, at least at the moment.

In truth, there are over a dozen new and old cloud storage platforms that do the trick. In the case of most Android devices, that trick is automatically saving camera photos and videos to the cloud. Other users, though, also want additional features such as the option stream or chromecast music and video from the cloud to their devices.

Best Cloud Storage For AndroidHowever, the majority of users just need Android cloud storage to upload, share, and download lightweight files quickly. And that ease is guaranteed by smooth and minimalist interfaces especially designed for a phone or tablet.

In this article, we will be looking at four very popular Android apps and then attempt to settle on our pick of what the best cloud storage for Android is.


Realistically, compared to some other names to be featured in this article, Box is relatively new. Can a newer cloud storage service offer better and more reliable solutions that the others? As it turns out, Box does provide reliability. And along with that reliability, comes simplicity.

Box lets users upload, share, and download files with utter ease. As previously mentioned, those are the main qualities users are looking for in the best cloud storage for Android.

Box adds to that amazing app integration and stellar sharing options.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store. It offers a comfy 10GB of free storage. File upload limit is at 250MB which could be an issue for people who love recording videos on their Android phones. A subscription fee of $10 per month gives users 100GB of storage space and 5GB of upload limit.

We suggest trying out the app for free first. Users can check Box out on the Google Play Store by following this link.


Cloud Storage 101 is bringing back the Box vs. Dropbox debate! However, this time, we are looking at how they do exclusively on Android devices.

Dropbox has been a favorite pick for Android users for quite some time now. The Dropbox team has also been keeping up with the trends and gradually upgraded the interface and quality of storage over time.

Dropbox features auto-backup for photos and small videos and the feature is very smart in managing how much bandwidth it eats up while on Wi-Fi. Uploading is easy and lightning-fast. As Dropbox repeatedly keeps telling its customer base, it just loves to hold our stuff. Sharing and downloading require no fuss.

The app is available for free on the Play Store. Dropbox offers a modest 2GB of free storage. With $10 per month, the service increases the limit to 1TB.

Users who have not tried out Dropbox and are interested in giving it a go can follow this link.

Google Drive

Full disclosure, the team has been accused of being Google Drive sympathizers during past articles. We do our best to be objective, however, so it will be up to the reader to decide if the Google Drive app is the best free cloud storage for Android.

Google Drive currently comes pre-installed with many versions of Android, especially on tablets. The app tries to maintain the same standards as the browser version. However, there are a few minor discrepancies when it comes to selection and sharing.

It supports numerous files, uploading and downloading data is fast, and it features a broad field of sharing options. Google Drive also lets its users set editing and comment rights when sharing files.

Google Drive features an automatic backup option to Google Photos for camera photos and videos.

The app is, of course, available on the Google Play Store. Google Drive offers its users 15GB of free storage. Apart from the generous free storage, the mentioned photo and video auto-backup are done separately for unlimited storage. Users needing more storage space can get 1TB per month for a $10 subscription fee.

Google Drive is available on the Google Play Store by following this link.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive, or Amazon Cloud Drive will most likely be the default best cloud storage app for Android picked by any users who already subscribed to Amazon Prime. Said Amazon Prime subscription gives Amazon Cloud Drive users unlimited storage space for their photos and videos, just like Google Drive.

The app is relatively easy to navigate. Uploading and downloading comes easy. Sharing feels much easier to do on Dropbox or Google Drive.Best Cloud Storage For Android Amazon Drive

Where Amazon Cloud Drive genuinely shines though is its pricing range. While the app is also available at no cost on the Google Play Store, it only comes with 5GB of free storage and with an offer for unlimited storage of $60 per year. This would bring the cost of unlimited storage to $5 per month, which is half of what Dropbox and Google Drive are asking for 1TB. The cost does need to be paid yearly, however.

There is no real competition here for Amazon Prime users who also have more than 1TB of storage they would like to keep on the cloud. Users can get it by following this link.

The Best Cloud Storage For Android By The Numbers

Free Storage














Google Drive





Amazon Drive





*An active Amazon Prime membership is required.

As it turns out, there is no One best cloud storage for Android. Of the four we reviewed, they all have their niche specialty.

  • Box is light and straightforward. Sharing is easy;
  • Dropbox is fast and has fantastic integration over phone, tablet, and PC. It has the lowest yearly pricing for 1TB of storage;
  • Google Drive is part of Android; it is easy to pick up and has the highest amount of free storage;
  • Amazon Drive cannot be matched in long-term storage but the app still has one or two kinks.

Final Thoughts

The Cloud Storage 101 team put aside all personal preference when deciding on the very best cloud storage apps for Android. While we are aware that opinions vary more than the products already available, our decisions were made based on product reliability, features, and popularity.

We eagerly wait for any invitation to discussion and debate in the comments in regards to any of the cloud storage apps we mentioned in this article as well as any other cloud storage app you believe deserved a mention.

What app is the best cloud storage for Android for you and why? Let us know.

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