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Best Cloud Storage for Photos – Four Services Reviewed

With the plethora of cloud storage services on the market, what’s the best cloud storage for photos? There are plenty debate points that could be taken into consideration for each of the cloud storage services. However, when it comes to storing your digital photos, two of the most important factors are storage capacity and maximum file size cap. Point and shoot cameras or smartphone cameras render smaller files of smaller sizes. DSLR cameras and professional photography equipment automatically yield larger files.

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Regardless of the type of images, you wish to store in the cloud, be happy that these services are engaged in a healthy market competition. This underpins a valuable technological advancement which leaves behind the days of burning our photos on CDs or storing them on USB sticks. Knowing that there are so many reliable cloud storage options out there, let’s find out what is the best cloud storage for photos.

best cloud storage for photos

1. Google Photos. Best Cloud Storage for Photos?


Since 2015, Google Photos sports brand new features. One of the most exciting attributes of Google Photos is that it’s free. Users who already have a Google account can store their photos and videos without any monthly or yearly costs.

Regardless of how enticing this fact may be, the catch is that the file size cap is 16MP for photos while videos are limited to maximum 1080p. Any file that surpasses this limit is automatically downsized by Google services to the maximum allowed parameters. This shouldn’t be a problem for users who aren’t professional photographers and who simply need a cloud storage for photos to safely store their keepsakes.

However, professional photographers and other professionals who need uncompromised quality files at hand may not be too happy with Google Photo’s offer. Google’s service promises to respect the quality of the photos and videos even if the files are downsized.

Google Photos could well be the best free cloud storage for photos as far as you don’t have files larger than 16MP to store. One of the great advantages of Google Photos is that it features organizing algorithms which store you photo files according to places, people, memories or tags and labels that you create.

The auto-grouping feature is private by default. As a user of the cloud storage for photos, you can change the setting to public and even share the photos directly from the cloud. Sharing works with social media and messaging apps and platforms. The best thing is that sharing a photo is as easy as creating a link to the image.


2. iCloud Photo. Cloud Storage for Photos

iCloud Photo is a suitable option for iOS users. If you happen to be an iCloud user, Apple offers up to 5GB of free storage. Despite iCloud Photo being touted as one of the best cloud storage for photos services, it hardly qualifies as such.

5GB of free storage space is hardly sufficient, particularly when there are no file size caps. Apple did anticipate this issue and for $0.99/month the tech giant offers the possibility to upgrade to 20GB. 200GB cloud storage space for photos and videos come for $3.99/month.

If you need 500GB with the iCloud Photo service be prepared to pay $9.99/month. 1TB cloud storage for photos comes at the hefty sum of $19.99. The downside of iCloud Photo is that it’s quite pricey. The upside of this cloud storage service – potentially the one that can qualify it as best cloud storage for photos – is that it doesn’t tamper with the quality or parameters of the stored files.


3. Dropbox. Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Dropbox is one of the favorite cloud storage services in the world. It’s easy to understand why Dropbox deserved the title for the best cloud storage for photos. It is easy to use, the interface is user-friendly, setting up an account takes one minute and the service is overall quite reliable.

Dropbox is optimized to work across platforms and devices. Thus, storing your photos and videos in the cloud means you have access to them from anywhere and any device. The cloud storage service has dedicated apps for desktop, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle and much more.

best cloud storage for photos and videos dropbox

The files may well live in your file system and in the cloud as well. Any modification to the files performed via the dedicated Dropbox app is automatically synced to the cloud. Dropbox doesn’t impose a file size cap, nor does it alter the quality of the uploaded photos and videos.

However, the initial storage space that comes with every new account is 2GB. You can beef up the storage space with plenty of opportunities offered by Dropbox. Turning on the automatic photo upload feature with any of the mobile Dropbox apps earns you 3GB extra. Each new friend referred to Dropbox by you brings another 500MB provided he or she sets up an account.


4. Amazon Unlimited Photos. Cloud Storage for Photos

Since 2015, Amazon introduced Unlimited Photos, a cloud storage for photos service. You can sign-up for a three-month trial. When the trial period has ended, users who decide to keep their account must pay $12 per month.

The storage plan comes for free for Amazon Prime members and Fire devices users. Unlimited Photos provides exactly that: unlimited storage for all your photos, be they GIF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF or other file formats.

As other cloud storage services dedicated to photos or photos and videos, Unlimited Photos doesn’t have a file size cap. Desktop apps are available for both Mac and PC while mobile apps have been made available for Android and Apple’s mobile operating system. One downside of the desktop apps is that users can’t readily view folders and files on the computer. Amazon’s website is the place where you can go to modify the files and view them. The desktop apps come in handy to upload files or photo libraries.

best cloud storage for photos

Thanks to cloud storage services like Google Photos, iCloud Photo, Dropbox or Amazon Unlimited Photos we don’t have to worry about losing a dear keepsake every again. However, choosing the best cloud storage for photos may be a daunting task with so many attractive options on the market. Depending on your preferences and needs, your opinion on the best cloud storage for photos may differ greatly than that of your friends’. Let us know what works for you.

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