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Top 5 Business Cloud Storage Services

If you want to improve your company’s productivity and efficiency, you need to subscribe to a business cloud storage service. It provides your firm with so many incredible features such as sharing, and accessing crucial data from basically anywhere on the planet. There are plenty of business cloud storage services on the web, but not all of them are safe – and we all know that a data breach is essentially a death sentence. That’s why we don’t offer you just one best business cloud storage service, but 5 including the renowned Google Business Cloud Storage and Amazon Business Cloud Storage.

Regardless if you’re looking for a cloud storage for small business, or a pretty big firm, we got you covered.

1. Dropbox Business Cloud Storage Service

Top 5 Business Cloud Storage Services - Dropbox

Official Website for Dropbox Cloud Storage for Business.

What we likeIf you have a small business, or you’re just about to start one, Dropbox proves to be the most enticing option on the market. Mainly because it has a free version. If you want more storage, and multiple user support, as well as centralized activity/administration monitoring, recover old versions of files, and additional security features then opting for the Business subscription is a must! It comes in all shapes and forms, meaning that the app is available for various operating systems, as well as being super-easy to install and handle. Servers are dependable, and they don’t crash when you need them the most.

What we don’t likeThe fact that you can’t collaborate on files at the same time as your colleagues is a bummer. Files can be hard to find, and pin-pointing the exact location is a little bit infuriating.

PriceStorage Allotment
Basic – Free2 GB
Pro – $9.99 a month1 TB
Business – $12.50 a month per user, starting with up to 5 usersUnlimited Storage
Enterprise – You need to contact Dropbox for detailsUnlimited Storage


  • Cloud/Backup Features ***
  • Extra Features ***
  • Usability & User Friendliness **
  • Pricing ****
  • Support ***

2. SugarSync Business Cloud Storage Service

Top 5 Business Cloud Storage Services - SugarSync

Official Website for SugarSync Cloud Based Storage for Business.

What we likeThis is one of the best cloud storage for business as it’s extremely easy to handle, and super-intuitive. It has a lot of apps that makes it work on Mac, PC, iOS or Android machines – and even for BlackBerry devices. If you opt-in for this cloud storage business subscription you get an awesome Outlook plugin feature. It basically entails that you never have to worry about size limitations for email attachments because you have the possibility of inserting links to large files, rather than actually adding them to the email.

What we don’t likeIt’s quite expensive, and even though it has some great features, it’s not competitively priced at all. There’s also no free option, just a 30-day trial.

PriceStorage Allotment
Standard Business – $55 a month or $550 a year starting from 1-3 users, and up to 9 users1 TB per user
Customized Business – You need to contact SugarSync for detailsDepends on your customized plan


  • Cloud/Backup Features ***
  • Extra Features **
  • Usability & User Friendliness ****
  • Pricing **
  • Support ***

3. Google Drive Business Cloud Storage Service

Top 5 Business Cloud Storage Services - Google Drive


Official Website for Google Cloud Storage for Business.

What we like: The fact that with Google Drive you have everything integrated in one little, highly secure place. This proves to be a great small business cloud storage option, as well as immensely helpful if you are in charge of a large company. Thanks to the SaaS-based productivity suit, which used to be known as Google Docs, users can create and edit any document through the web browser. This means that even if you don’t have Microsoft Excel or Word installed, you can still open files and edit them as you please. It ties in perfectly well with Google’s other services and products – such as Gmail, the Chrome browser and Google+. The suit may also be known as Google Apps for Work.

What we don’t likeGoogle Apps for Work isn’t regarded as the most secure cloud storage for business, mainly because some users feel uneasy about privacy. There are users that think Google dips its toes into confidential user/business data from its customers. Also, you don’t have de-duping tools for pictures, which is quite a shame.

PriceStorage Allotment
Free15 GB
$5 a month per user30 GB
$10 a month per userUnlimited Storage (or 1 TB per user if there are less than 5 users)

 *Note: You can upgrade your storage plans to sport more space. Check the Google Cloud Storage for Business Support Page for additional information.


  • Cloud/Backup Features ****
  • Extra Features *****
  • Usability & User Friendliness **
  • Pricing *****
  • Support ***

4. Microsoft OneDrive Business Cloud Storage Service

Top 5 Business Cloud Storage Services Includes Microsoft OneDrive

Official Website for Microsoft Cloud Storage for Business.

What we likeMicrosoft OneDrive is the most flexible cloud storage for businesses due to being nested inside Windows 10, and having a variety of apps for more platforms than any of its direct competitors – it works on Mac, Android and iOS, as well as any Windows-based machine. It’s the perfect cloud business storage choice if you plan on having a huge presentation with loads of slideshows. Multiple people can work simultaneously, in real-time, and from any machine they want – be it Macs, PCs, smartphones or tablets; on the same documents. You get 15 GB for free when you sign up.

What we don’t likeUnfortunately, it has slow upload and download speeds. You have a 10 GB cap per file, and there’s no local encryption. The iOS app is quite buggy, and you can’t upload more than 20,000 files. Oh, and it’s an adept to the open door NSA policy, making it less secure, and actually putting Google’s business cloud storage service on the pedestal on this one.

PriceStorage Allotment
Free15 GB
$1.99 a month100 GB
$3.99 a month200 GB
$6.99 a month1 TB with Office 365 Personal
  • Cloud/Backup Features ***
  • Extra Features ****
  • Usability & User Friendliness *
  • Pricing *****
  • Support ***

5. Amazon Business Cloud Storage Service

Amazon Cloud Drive is One of The Top 5 Business Cloud Storage Services

Official Website for Amazon Cloud Storage for Business.

What we like: The Amazon cloud storage business option focuses more on photos, and if your company is working with a ton of photographs that it needs to transfer to various clients across the country, then it provides essential features enveloped in a secure platform. Yet, you can still upload other files as well. The web interface is pretty great – stable, and reliable even when stressed with loads of files to upload. It has an auto-image backup feature for smartphones and tablets. You even get the first three-months free!

What we don’t like: Yet, this cloud file storage for business doesn’t offer file-syncing, which is immensely disappointing as all of its other major competitors have this much-needed feature. Desktops apps are massively limited – you can only share files, and not folders. You don’t get any file versioning whatsoever, nor scheduled backups.

PriceStorage Allotment
$11.99 a yearUnlimited Photos + 5 GB for videos and other files
$59.99 a year Unlimited Everything
  • Cloud/Backup Features *
  • Extra Features *
  • Usability & User Friendliness ***
  • Pricing *****
  • Support *****

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