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Citrix ShareFile Review – Enterprise File Sharing and Syncing

Citrix ShareFile is the established leader in the market for file sharing and file syncing in the cloud. Read more about ShareFile in this Citrix ShareFile review. A cloud-based enterprise file sharing and syncing service (EFSS), Citrix ShareFile is the number one choice of many Fortune 500 companies. The main selling points of this service are flexible on-premise and cloud storage offered for clients as well as the strong security features.

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Citrix ShareFile Review

Citrix file sharing and syncing is proposed for enterprises. Unlike service that put cloud storage first, Sharefile by Citrix has integrated an array of necessary file management and security features, available across mobile as well as corporate devices.

In a nutshell, the ShareFile review proposes that:

  • Citrix ShareFile allows IT full oversight of the network for added security and control.
  • It is a flexible service designed to offer flexible storage to allow both data compliance and performance.
  • It is fairly easy to use by end users and offers comprehensive tutorials, support and learning opportunities.
  • ShareFile by Citrix offers enterprises the opportunity to fully integrate the file sharing and syncing service within their infrastructure.
  • Ripe with file management and security features, File Share Citrix allows secure sharing, sending end editing of files from all devices.
  • Collaboration tools represent one of the strongest points mentioned in this Citrix ShareFile review. ShareFile reviews also pinpoint the strong integration with other products offered by Citrix as a plus.

Overall, this Citrix ShareFile review underlines the fact that ShareFile is truly an enterprise-level file sharing and syncing service that places this component above simply offering cloud storage.

Citrix ShareFile Price Plans

ShareFile packages are available in four options: Personal, Team, Business, and Virtual Data Room.

  • ShareFile Personal. This ShareFile package comes with a price tag of $16 per month if a yearly subscription is in place. Otherwise, the pricing starts at $20 per month. ShareFile Personal supports one employee account. While the cloud storage capacity does not exceed 100GB, the file size cap is limited to 10GB.
  • ShareFile Team. This ShareFile package is available at $75 per month in the absence of an annual subscription. When clients choose an annual commitment, the price tag is reduced to $60 per month. The Team plan supports a maximum of five employee accounts. The cloud storage capacity is limited to 1TB, while the file size cap remains set in stone at 10GB. Any extra addition to the five accounts limit is charged with a monthly $10.
  • ShareFile Business. The Business package starts at $100 per month with the yearly subscription or $125 per month in its absence. This plan also supports five employee accounts. While the cloud storage capacity is labeled unlimited, the real quota is limited at 1TB of storage space per user. The file size cap is set at 100GB. If the storage space needs to be upgraded, extra fees apply. Similarly, if more users are added to the limit of five accounts, this costs $12.
  • ShareFile Virtual Room. The most expensive package offered by Citrix ShareFile is priced at $295 per month provided the annual subscription is in place. The price tag without it is set at $395 per month. This advanced offer can be explored further via a call.

All packages in the Citrix ShareFile offering benefit from excellent customer support. Furthermore, multi-factor authentication, as well as activity logs, are integrated with all packages.

Citrix ShareFile Review: What’s What with Each Package

The Business plan offered by Citrix ShareFile is deemed the first truly professional package. Citrix allows a free 30-day trial of this plan. Why would enterprise users prefer this plan over the ShareFile Team plan for instance?

Due to the fact that it is only with the ShareFile Business plan that you can unlock important options not integrated into the beginner-level Team plan. For instance, user management options, full-text search, file archiving are a few of these options. Active Directory Integration, encrypted email and folder management makes another set of options.

Thus, for a true enterprise-grade file sharing and syncing service, ShareFile Business plan is your choice. The Virtual Data Room plan is the most advanced package under the Citrix ShareFile umbrella. This may be reflected in the high price tag associated with the package, but it is also reflected in the full options plan it offers. Moreover, it is highly customizable for enterprise clients who have not found their needs necessarily met in any of the other packages. Admittedly, the Business Plan can become quite expensive if more users need to be added and more cloud storage space per user is needed. Still, it’s one of the best choices out there.

Get Started with Citrix ShareFile

Everything that Citrix ShareFile requires for a rapid signup is a name, email address, as well as an account password. The company name is also required straight from the beginning. This is used for a customized URL, specific to each business. Users subscribed to one plan can access the company’s URL by typing This link leads directly to the dashboard.

The first login is followed by a detailed tour of the web interface. This is step is welcome and quite similar to what other services have to offer (e.g. Google Business, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). The web interface is really end user-friendly and highly intuitive. Browse between Home, Share, Request, Manage Users, Admin, Apps and My Settings buttons to get accustomed to the menu. The obvious Search box allows for easy file searching. The second navigation bar, located on the left of the window features an email like menu. To get users even more accustomed, Citrix ShareFile asks them to complete a few easy tasks relevant for the enterprise file sharing and syncing service.

All in all, both the web interface as well as the dedicated mobile apps work brilliantly. They’re highly secure, they’re highly intuitive and really easy to use. When issues arise, the 24/7 customer support service is there to help. Moreover, the support page on the website is ripe with details, tutorials, forums and much other info that end users and admins will certainly find useful.

Once users get the hang of it, they have control over sharing, sending and editing files. The security of their operations is ensured by Citrix ShareFile. However, IT has the possibility to view the network, track and manage users’ activity, lock data, encrypt data, remotely wipe data and much more.

This Citrix ShareFile review concludes that the enterprise file sharing and syncing service is among the best fitted to meet the needs of companies which prize good file management, collaboration, and sharing features conducted in a highly secure environment. Citrix ShareFile provides these and much more with ease and in a user-friendly manner.

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