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Running out of Space? Here Are 5 Dropbox Alternatives

As cloud storage has developed tremendously over the last few years, we currently have access to quite a few Dropbox alternatives that just might offer a better service than the original file-sync service. However, lots of internet users see no reason whatsoever to stop using their Dropbox accounts in the foreseeable future. They have access to sufficient storage space for free, the interface is extremely user-friendly, and they can sync away their files in no time.

While everything seems great on Dropbox at first, the service lacks in a solid data security policy. When users sync their files, the recipients can edit them and forward them to whomever they wish. There is no “view only” feature available, so users can either share their files completely with their contacts or not at all. While this may not be an issue for people using the service to share photos and recipes with their relatives, it is clearly one for people who have work-related files stored.

Dropbox alternatives

This is why Dropbox alternatives have become extremely necessary of late. Internet users have demanded better cloud storage services and they now have several solid options to choose from. We have selected 5 services that we consider to be top available options on the cloud storage market. We’re going to tell you exactly what makes these programs better than Dropbox and what are the main benefits of switching to them.


1. Google Drive – Google’s Alternative to Dropbox

Dropbox Alternatives Google Drive Screenshot

Official Website of Google Drive,  Google’s Alternative to Dropbox

If there ever was a company that could develop a high-class cloud storage service, that company is Google. The main advantage offered by Google Drive is the fact that it is automatically synced with all the other Google services. You should know that you will have to share the free 15 GB of Google Drive storage you are offered initially with your Gmail and Google Plus files, as well as any other Google service files you have online.

However, this still leaves you with quite enough storage space, considering that Dropbox only offers 2 GB for the standard account. Another aspect that makes Google Drive an excellent alternative to Dropbox is the fact that it is even more user-friendly.

On one hand, you can drag and drop your files directly into your cloud storage space unit. In a matter of seconds, they will be stocked away properly for as long as you like. On the other hand, you can use Google Docs, yet another useful Google tool, to edit your files online. This will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.


2. – One of The Safest Dropbox Alternatives On the World Wide Web

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Official Website of, One of the Safest Dropbox Alternatives on the World Wide Web

If Google Drive is the accessible alternative to Dropbox, then is the safest one. They pride themselves on going the extra mile and then some to keep their users’ files safe and sound. offers a competitive online storage service which features 5 GB of free space. This will remain accessible to users for as long as they keep their accounts.

Standard users have access to zero-knowledge privacy as well as many other important tools, which makes this service one of the best free Dropbox alternatives.  As for the Pro version of, it is tailor-made for small businesses. For $49.00 per year, users get 500GB of storage space. The maximum subscription costs $490.00 per year and provides users with 5TB of space.

Pro users also get other useful features such as expiry dates for shared folders or download limitation. This service also offers business-oriented features, such as automated cloud backups, access to audit logs, and HIPPA compliance.


3. OneDrive – The Dropbox Alternative for Microsoft Users

Dropbox Alternatives OndeDrive Screenshot


Official Site for OneDrive, the Best Dropbox Alternative for Microsoft Users

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service and as you can imagine, it is perfectly suited to store your Microsoft Office files. New users are offered 5GB of free storage space and for just $1.99 per month, they can upgrade to 50GB, which is more than enough for most internet users.

OneDrive was designed to be perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office 365 as well. By using the two platforms, team members can work together on OneDrive files in real time, which can prove to be a very useful tool for a wide variety of projects.

Microsoft even offers special prices to those looking to get joint accounts. For only $6.99 per month, Microsoft offers 1 TB/ 1 user and for $9.99 1 TB/ 5 users. As you can see, OneDrive is an excellent Dropbox alternative for Microsoft-oriented users.


4. SpiderOak – The Secure Dropbox Alternative

Dropbox Alternatives SpiderOak Screenshot


Official Site of SpiderOak – One of the Safest Dropbox Alternatives

SpiderOak is yet another one of the Dropbox alternatives that offers users extra security for their files. The company has actually worked tremendously to provide internet users with a secure cloud storage service at prices that everybody can afford.

The main advantage they offer users is a solid zero-knowledge privacy feature. SpiderOak immediately encrypts the files uploaded by the users and limits access to the files to the users alone. If they opt to share their files with other SpiderOak users, their data still remains extremely well protected.

New users are provided with 2GB of storage space, which they can use for 60 days. SpiderOak offers competitive prices for their services and a promise for online safety, which makes them one of the most attractive secure Dropbox alternatives.


5. – The British Dropbox Alternative

Dropbox Alternatives Screenshot

Official Website for, One of the Best British Dropbox Alternatives

This UK-based cloud storage company is one of the most promising alternatives to Dropbox because it offers users an accessible platform and 10 GB of free storage. While some users have found issue with the fact that the individual file size is limited to 250 MB for the free account, still remains an excellent option because of its affordable prices.

For only 4 Euros/ month/ user, offers 100 GB of storage space for teams with 3-4 members, with a maximum individual file size of 2 GB. And for 12 Euros, users can gain access to unlimited cloud storage.

We have listed out Dropbox alternatives at random so that our readers can decide on their own which is the best option for their needs. So have you decided which cloud storage service does everything you need? Let us know in the comments section below!

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