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FlipDrive Cloud Storage. Manage all Your Files Online

FlipDrive comes with a refreshing offer for file cloud storage in a market oversaturated with such services. In addition to storing the classic file types, FlipDrive allows users to store contacts, calendars, and bookmarks.
However, what is makes up by this novel offer, it loses in terms of data security, expensive cloud storage and the lack of cloud backup options.

FlipDrive Cloud Storage

Flip Drive has emerged as another service in the overcrowded cloud storage arena. Nonetheless, it is a high-cost service for the functionality it offers. Compared to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and other established names in the cloud storage market, this company puts forth a narrow set of features, no cloud backup, and meager security features.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the pricing plans that FlipDrive has in store.

FlipDrive Basic FlipDrive Personal FlipDrive Pro FlipDrive Business


· Lifetime Free Account

· 10 GB cloud storage space

· $5 per month

· 25 GB cloud storage space

· $10 per month

· 100 GB cloud storage space

· $20 per month

· 250 GB cloud storage space


Characteristics of FlipDrive Packages

Each of the four packages offered by the cloud storage service comes with its own set of features. Here they are.

FlipDrive Basic

FlipDrive Basic is the free account, with a lifetime guarantee. These are the main specifications.

  • 10 GB of cloud storage space. Store your documents, photos, video files, bookmarks, calendars, contacts.
  • 25MB file size cap.
  • With FlipDrive basic, you have 10 file sharing links, as well as 10 folder sharing links.

FlipDrive Personal

One step beyond the FlipDrive Basic package, FlipDrive Personal offers:

  • 25 GB of cloud storage space.
  • 1 G file size cap.
  • Unlike the previous package, the Personal plan offers direct links to files, unlimited file sharing links, as well as unlimited folder sharing links.

FlipDrive Pro

Touted the best choice of the four packages, the Pro package offers:

  • 100 GB of cloud storage space.
  • Unlimited file size cap.
  • Unlimited direct file links as well as unlimited file sharing links and unlimited folder sharing links.

FlipDrive Business

Except for raising the bar at 250 GB of cloud storage space, this plan offers the same features as the previous one.

All the packages are available for free trial. At the same time, all the packages include access to the unique features offered by Flip Drive. These refer to saving and managing contacts, saving and managing calendars, as well as saving and managing bookmarks.


FlipDrive Clients and Apps

This is one of the points that makes a difference on the FlipDrive pros and cons list. The cloud storage service hasn’t developed any desktop clients or dedicated mobile apps. Greater mobile access or desktop access would certainly come with benefits. Currently, the service has one iOS app with limited functionality.

However, the cloud storage service is easily accessible online, from any browser. All you have to do is log in and upload or share files. While this adds to the clean cut design and straightforward functionality of the service, a fair Flip Drive review would label the lack of dedicated clients as too basic.

FlipDrive runs entirely online. Any documents stored on your mobile devices or computer can be uploaded directly online. Documents, PDFs, photos, bookmarks, contact lists or calendars, they all find a place.

flipdrive screenshot

FileDrive File Sharing

File sharing is made easy via file storage. Create links and send them to your partners, family, and friends. Pay attention to the file sharing links limit if you’re subscribed to one of the first two packages.

Likewise, you can share entire folders, photo albums and more. Folder sharing links are also subject to a limit of the Free and Personal packages. Otherwise, you have full control over files, access to files, and who can see them.


FileDrive Backups

Unfortunately, FileDrive remains at best a cloud storage service, lacking a strong backup component. Users cannot schedule automatic backups. This increases the risk of file loss unless they know precisely what has been stored in the cloud and what not, which version of a file should be added to the cloud storage and which is already there.

A backup application would render the service more stable. Manual uploading can become tedious at some point. Greater mobile access coupled with a backup application would also render the service more attractive.


FlipDrive Overall Performance

While not having a dedicated desktop app comes with some inconveniences, it also has some advantages. First of all, accessibility can be counted as an advantage. Files of any type can be both uploaded and accessed from any device, including your computer or your mobile devices. Any platform or web browser offers access to FileDrive.

As there is no desktop application or program, the virtual memory and CPU resources are spared the extra strain. This means that the upload speed depends on the bandwidth, as well as the amount of data you decide to upload at once.


FlipDrive Security Features

Compared to other cloud storage services, this one offers minimal security features. During the transfer, your data is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption. This means that during transmission your files are private and safe.

One added layer of security is the password-protected account. However, during rest, your files aren’t protected by any encryption protocols. This leaves large amounts of data vulnerable to attacks, data theft and privacy breaches. If you are looking for information on where the data centers are located, you won’t find any. You can try contacting Flip Drive with this question, but there is no guarantee of an answer.

Overall, FlipDrive cloud storage service isn’t the best option on the market. Being able to save contacts, bookmarks, and calendars, as well as to create photo albums doesn’t offset the fact that security features, automatic backup features, and desktop clients are lacking. If you are looking for a simple cloud storage service without complicated features, FlipDrive may be the one. Nonetheless, it’s highly expensive for what it has to offer.


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