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HiDrive Review. Decently Priced Cloud Storage

Owned by the European hosting service giant STRATO, HiDrive is a high-quality cloud storage and backup solution. Find out more details about HiDrive in our HiDrive review or head to the service’s website for a quick tour and signing up. During our research for the HiDrive review, we found that one of the least attractive points of HiDrive concerns security. For some users looking for a performant cloud storage and backup service this may be a deal breaker. However, other features of the cloud storage solution are state of the art and come bundled in decently priced packages.

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HiDrive Review. Cloud Storage Pricing

HiDrive has a cloud storage package for everyone. The cloud storage and backup solution don’t explicitly offer a Business plan. As such, STRATO HiDrive online storage is mainly an option for home users. These are the online file storage service packages.

HiDrive FreeHiDrive 100HiDrive 500
· Free

· 5GB cloud storage space

· File Manager

· File Control

· WebDAV

· Backup Control

· $6.38 per month

· 100GB cloud storage space

· Email Upload

· Windows Drive

· FTP and rsync

· $13.77 per month

· 500GB cloud storage

· 5 users accounts

· Larger storage space quotas can be added upon request. The storage limit is set at 5TB.


The HiDrive free package is the basic package, with only a handful of features include for users. The storage space limit of 5GB can be increased by referrals to your contacts. The HiDrive 100 package is a mid-class offer with impressive features, including NAS/FTP storage. HiDrive 500 is the highest priced tier, yet it is also the complete package. Signing up requires the entry of your Visa or MasterCard details.

HiDrive Backup

HiDrive is one of the best solutions for cloud storage and backup, file sharing and syncing. Once the user account has been set up and the software installed, uploading files to the cloud is a breeze. Both the web interface, the desktop apps and mobile apps allow files to be uploaded both individually and in bulk.

If you wish to upload folders, you must use the desktop client downloadable from the HiDrive website. The desktop client automatically creates a folder on your desktop. This makes it easy to drag and drop entire folders to your HiDrive account. Once the upload process is completed, the files and folders can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

Automatic backup or scheduled backup aren’t featured with HiDrive. Thus, if you are looking for a service to backup large quantities of files, it’s better to direct your attention to other services like OneDrive or Crashplan.

HiDrive Review. Compatibility across Platforms

Once you create the user account, you can choose between the HiDrive apps you want. The desktop client is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. As for mobile apps, HiDrive has designed Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 apps.

Files can be accessed, viewed and shared from any of these devices. Recently, HiDrive has integrated a neat feature for sharing photos. Image files can be organized in galleries. Create your customized albums by uploading the images from the HiDrive account, from the desktop, mobile devices or Facebook. Then share your memories with friends and family.

They too can contribute to the albums and galleries. Shared experiences are easier to enjoy together thanks to this neat feature. The mobile apps are well designed, offering users a friendly and active experience altogether.

They’re perfectly fit for downloading and uploading files, as well as accessing shared folders. If you mobile device has a camera, backing up images and videos from these devices is a breeze. Transfers may be slowed down by your connection speed or other apps running in the background. Nonetheless, the HiDrive mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 are easy to use.

HiDrive review

HiDrive File Versioning and File Recovery

If you are looking specifically for the HiDrive file versioning feature, you won’t find it. With STRATO HiDrive, file versioning is disguised under the name Snapshot. This feature closely resembles the versioning feature of other services.

Unlike other services, HiDrive doesn’t create individual versions of each file. Rather, the service creates a mirror image of the entire backup. Entering the Backup Control menu allows you to customize versioning settings.

Choose between one or six weeks as the timeframe during which your files are kept. Choose how often you want HiDrive cloud storage and backup service to save another version of the files. You can choose between saving changes every four hours, once per week or once per day.

File syncing with HiDrive got a neat new addition since April this year. Any changes that you make to any stored files are automatically synced across online storage, desktop and mobile devices.

HiDrive Data Send In service

In order to avoid  stumbling transfer speeds, HiDrive provides a service called Data Send In. What this service does is transferring data to a large collection of DVDs. Then, STRATO HiDrive uploads data to the cloud for you so you don’t waste time waiting for a not top-notch broadband connection to work properly.

HiDrive Mount on your PC or Mac

We mentioned in the beginning of this HiDrive review that HiDrive holds a host of surprises for users willing to try out the service. For instance, unlike most cloud backup services which create folders on your PC, HiDrive creates a mountable drive. This allows faster and more secure transfers.

HiDrive Security

All the files stored and backed up in the cloud using HiDrive are stored on servers around Germany. The data is encrypted during transfer, but not during the stay. HiDrive doesn’t allow you to use personal encryption keys for the data.

During the transfer, the data is protected by using SSL and 246-bit encryption. While at rest on the servers of HiDrive, the data is vulnerable and not encrypted. Nevertheless, you can upload files that have been encrypted using a third party software.

While for some users the lack of security features can be a deal breaker, for others the fact that the software supports third party encryption is a way out.

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