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The Best Solutions for Home Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is all the buzz nowadays. Home cloud storage, on the other hand, is a little-known solution to store all your digital files safely and from the comfort of your home. With the rise to glory of services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive, iCloud, Amazon’s cloud services, to name just a few, another segment of cloud storage solutions has developed.

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We are talking about home cloud storage. The best home cloud storage options offer private individuals and small businesses the opportunity to create and supervise their own safe cloud. Also known as home based cloud storage, this option implies the purchase and set up of a home cloud storage device. Here is a short introduction to at home cloud storage and the best home cloud storage devices for home users.

home cloud storage

1. What is Home Cloud Storage?

We live in a time and age when photos and videos can be captured at any moment. Chances are you’ve got plenty of these files in digital format because it simply adds to the comfort of modern life. Work documents, personal files, videos, and photos live on our computers, laptops, and smart devices.

However, the looming question is what happens to these files when these devices stop working? They are forever lost unless we are smart enough to create a backup. Yet conventional backup devices such as small external hard drives, USB sticks, CDs or DVDs are easily misplaced and subject to all types of privacy breaches.

This is where cloud storage comes in. Most people will opt for service providers who can guarantee a large storage capacity preferably not limited by file size caps. Another key feature that most users seek is security. In addition, file sharing directly from the cloud is paramount for what makes a good cloud storage service.

Choosing home cloud storage over public cloud storage has plenty of benefits. Most users who opt for home cloud storage praise the added security features. The fact that you have total control over what happens with the home cloud storage devices and your personal data is certainly a plus.

home cloud storage

Home cloud storage is basically a private external hard drive where home users or small business can store personal data. Just as with most public cloud storage solutions, the data can be accessed from any connected device. The user has complete control over how data is secured and stored.

In home cloud storage implies picking the home cloud storage device that best suits your needs. Then, all you have to do is to set up connectivity, manage the data and secure it. Home cloud storage solutions can be set up at home or at a remote location. Most probably you will opt for setting it up at home. And with so many cloud storage at home devices that aren’t at all bulky, you are right to do so.

2. Which is the Best Home Cloud Storage Device?

The market offer for home cloud storage devices brings all types and sizes to the scene. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 1TB home cloud storage options up to an impressive number of TB. The easiest way to set up a personal home cloud storage is bringing a new addition to your home network.

This addition takes the form of a Network Attached Storage device or NAS. This is the external hard drive where your personal data will be stored. Most of the products come with the needed software to create your own personalized home cloud storage.

1. D-Link ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000

This home cloud storage device is praised for its security features. It is a NAS device that makes it easy to store personal files in a personal cloud. It isn’t easy to set up unless you are tech-savvy. Nonetheless, for one box that can connect to and support two 3.5’’ SATA hard drives, it is pretty impressive. The two bay option runs for $128 while a four bay model runs for $440.

2. LaCie CloudBox

This seemingly simple box packs an impressive array of features that are ideal for home users looking to set up their own cloud storage. Setting up LaCie CloudBox is a piece of cake as all you need to do is plug it in.

LaCie CloudBox then connects to all other devices connected to the internet or to your home network. All the files stored on your mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet are then stored on this external drive. Home cloud storage and a lasting backup solution packed in one.

For the 2TB option, home users must be prepared to pocket out $139.99. The 3TB home cloud storage device costs $159.99. The largest capacity LaCie CloudBox costs $199.99 and has 4TB. Once your personal files are stored and synced in your cloud home storage, it’s easy to share them with your friends and family.

Privacy and security features are entirely under your control. You can create private folders and set up usage and access limitation for other users around the house. Moreover, once your devices are connected to LaCie CloudBox, you can sync files to the home cloud storage from anywhere else as long as you are connected to the internet.

home cloud storage 3. Western Digital MyCloud

Just as LaCie CloudBox, Western Digital MyCloud is a good device to set up your own home cloud storage. Setting up and getting started with Western Digital MyCloud isn’t as easy as plugging in the box. However, it’s not too difficult either. Once the setup process is completed, personal files from all other connected devices can be stored in your private cloud storage.

Syncing files from your connected mobile devices is a breeze wherever you may be. Sharing personal files is also easy. Moreover, you can stream personal files such as videos or photos from the box to any device or TV.

Western Digital MyCloud is available for $149.99 with the 2TB option. 3TB of home cloud storage come at the price of $179.99 while for the 4TB option you should get ready to take $219.99 out of your wallet. The heftiest price is associated with the 6TB MyCloud box – $319.99.

These are just a few of the home cloud storage solutions you can find on the market. Nonetheless, they are sufficient to get you started if you really want to create your own home cloud storage.

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