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Mega Cloud Storage Review

As far as cloud storage go, we should state from the start that Mega Cloud storage is not your run-of-the-mill cloud storage service. Born amidst a conspiracy involving the shut-down of Megaupload and Kim Dotcom’s reputation being publically tarnished, Mega Cloud storage is still a controversial subject up to this day.

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However, besides the bad reputation it managed to amass as a result of a scandal involving the NSA and other governmental branches, Mega Cloud Storage managed to prevail, having no less than 8 million customers worldwide.

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Surprisingly enough, Mega Cloud Storage is considered one of the most secure cloud storage services on the market. We can’t say for sure whether this was born out of necessity or paranoia, but it seems that Mega Cloud Storage has multiple layers of security to protect all data.

Mega Cloud Storage Overview

As a cloud storage service, Mega Cloud offers some great backup, restore, and cloud features. Cross-platform compatibility and file versioning are some of the greatest assets Mega Cloud has to offer.

Mega Cloud offers four distinct plans, each of them with different pricing, depending on your user’s profile.

PlanPricingStorage AllotmentBandwidth Limit
FreeFree50 GB10 GB, and the plans resets every 30 minutes
Pro I$11.14/month or $111.48/year500 GB1 TB
Pro II$22.29/month or $222.97/year2 TB4 TB
Pro III$33.44/month or $334.46year4 TB8 TB

The first impression we got when using Mega Cloud Storage is how easy to use it is. It’s basically a hit-and-go procedure. Just create an account, choose your plans, and download the manager. It’s that easy to use.

One other thing that impressed us during the actual account creation procedure is the embedded password strength calculator. Most cloud storage services that we’ve tried out keep telling us during the same procedure that the master encryption password should have at least X letters, one alpha-numerical symbol, and an uppercase letter.

But Mega Cloud is actually the first one to calculate the strength of your current password, and to give off free advice regarding how can your further secure the password.

If you’re using a desktop computer, there are two ways in which you can work with Mega Cloud Storage: either by using your default browser or by downloading the desktop manager. From what we’ve observed, there is no major difference regarding upload/download speed, file versioning, sharing, and syncing between the browser version and the desktop manager.

The web interface is smooth and uploading our first files onto the cloud was very easy. Unlike other cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, Mega Storage Cloud lets you choose which folders and files you want to sync.

Just hit the “browse” button, select your favorite files to backup, and Mega Cloud will do the rest for you. Another thing that caught our attention is how easy it is to search for a specific file in your uploads section.

Instead of scrolling around until you drop dead for a file, you can use the included index bar to search for a specific folder. Syncing with other devices works great. After uploading a couple of files on the cloud, we were able to access them in a matter of seconds from all affiliated mobile devices.

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Mega Cloud Storage truly shines when it comes to file sharing and permissions. Being deemed one of the most secure cloud storage services out there, we’ve discovered that sharing your files is a bit more difficult with Mega Cloud than with other clouds.

Compared to Dropbox, which lets you create share groups and send out file sharing invitations. Mega Cloud is a bit tricky. For instance, you can publically share low-priority files and folders, but to share something with your friends, co-workers and family, you will need to set permission levels.

So, based on how you want your trustee to view your files, you will be able to set three levels of permission:

  • Read-only: this means that your friends or co-workers can view the files uploaded to the cloud, but can’t commit any modifications to them;
  • Read and Write Permission: your trustees can view the files and make modifications, but they can’t move, rename or delete the files. This is useful if you forgot to write something essential in your document.
  • Full Permission: the person or persons you actively chose to share the files with will have full access to the content. This means that they will be able to view files, commit changes, move, delete or rename them.

As far as file restoring is complete, Mega Cloud Service has an implemented file versioning system. You can use this feature to compare files before restoring them on the computer or device. Unfortunately, the service does not include an incremental file versioning system.

Restoring the previous version of the files is pretty easy: search for the files, hit the restore button, and in a matter of seconds, the manager will restore the last updated version. Be careful when restoring multiple files, especially those who are constantly submitted to change.

In this case, syncing is not 100 percent accurate, and you might end up with the wrong file version.

The mobile app is one of Mega Cloud’s strongest point. We’ve managed to test out the Android and iOS version of the cloud. Both of the applications worked like a charm, and we were able to perform roughly the same operation like using the desktop version.

Mega Cloud is also available on Linux platforms, but only on the Solaris version. Compared to Google Drive or Dropbox, which are widely considered the epitome of cross-platforming, Mega Cloud is only available in a handful of the mobile platform.

Still, the service manages to make amends with its good syncing speed and ease of access.

In terms, of upload and download speeds, Mega Cloud is one of the best out there. According to our estimates, Mega Cloud’s upload speed is 7.8 Mbps, during the download speed hover around 27.8 Mbps per second. All the speed tests were performed using 10 GB folders.

Mega Cloud really learned from the best when it comes to security. All the files uploaded to the cloud are being encrypted using an end-to-end security protocol. Furthermore, the data stored in the cloud receive an additional layer an encryption for extra protection.

This means that only the users have access to their data, which is decrypted after the users input their master passkey. On mobile devices, the account can be accessed after the user typing in his or hers PIN code.

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  • Good pricing tiers;
  • Increased security;
  • Cross-platform compatibility;
  • File versioning available;
  • Friendly User Interface;
  • File recovery process is easy.


  • No video streaming;
  • No incremental file versioning;
  • Limited cross-platform compatibility;
  • Sharing functions are hard to understand.

Our verdict

Mega Cloud Storage may have a couple of downsides, but, all in all, we found it highly intuitive and very easy to set up and deploy. The added security layers make users comfortable sharing their date with the cloud and recovery process takes only a couple of moments.

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