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Mozy vs CrashPlan Review

Welcome to our Mozy vs CrashPlan review. We will help you decide which of these two cloud storage services is the best one depending on your needs and preferences. We previously reviewed both Mozy and Crashplan, but now we compared them against each other based on four aspects. We will compare what features each services provides and at what cost; their security measures and how well each service performs in terms of upload and download speed.

Before we begin, it’s important to state that although both companies offer cloud storage solutions for enterprises, we will be comparing only the service plans meant for personal use.

Main features

CrashPlan features


The service fulfills most of the expectations you have from a standard cloud storage application. It works on all major PC operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also use the mobile app for Android and iOS to access your files. Other standard features include automatic continuous backups, even to other computers or external drivers; unlimited file size; scheduling options for backing up large amounts of data; access from multiple web browsers.

Special features:

  • Triple Destination Protection: provides a backup system on three different systems in different locations, cloud, an external HDD and even a friend’s computer.
  • Unlimited storage capacity: backup as much data as you want without any additional costs to restore your files.
  • Extended Versioning: the service retains unlimited previous versions of your files for an extensive period of time.
  • File Retention: it keeps your deleted files for as long as you want.
  • Smart Backup: prioritizes backups for your most recent files even while you’re working.


The service has a lot of standard features for cloud storage solutions such as support on all major platforms, automatic cloud backupfile syncmobile access, and scheduling options. Backups are either performed automatically when your PC is idle or you can schedule them at any convenient time. Mozy has an unlimited file size for automatic backups. However, you must manually adjust backup files larger than 100MB. The service also features unlimited file versioning and retention but only for 30 days. Previous versions and deleted files do not count for the storage limit.

Special features:

  • Administrative console: provides more control and management options over your backups.
  • Mozy 2xProtect: automatically backs up files locally to an external drive as well as to the Mozy Tritanium Cloud for double protection of your data.
  • Mozy Sync: allows users to synchronize files across devices; comes as a separate desktop client for Windows and Mac.

Bottom line

The Mozy vs CrashPlan features comparison has found both services have similar standard features with minor advantages in one department or another. CrashPlan offers an unlimited storage capacity and has an edge in the file versioning and retention department. Mozy manages to shine thanks to dedicated file sync feature, which CrashPlan lacks. Overall, in terms of features, this is a draw. A winner can be decided only by the needs and preferences of each user.


CrashPlan pricing

Both services have four types of membership plans you can choose from, including a free and somewhat limited option. However, as we have previously mentioned, we will base our price review only on the personal plans of the services, individual or family, not on the business plan.

Computers   Per month   Per year  Storage
MozyHome           1        $4.99         $55     50 GB
CrashPlan Individual           1        $5.99         $60   Unlimited
MozyHome          3        $8.99        $99    125 GB
CrashPlan Family         10        $13.99    $149.99  Unlimited

It’s important to know that Mozy offers the option to buy access to more computer, $2 per month per computer and 20 GB of space for another $2 every month. CrashPlan is slightly more expensive because it offers unlimited online storage for both types of plans. Not to mention that the service can be accessed on up to 10 computers.

Bottom line

Our Mozy vs CrashPlan price comparison has relative results. Mozy is cheaper if you don’t need high capacity storage. However, if you need to backup high amounts of data, then CrashPlan is the best choice in terms of price.

Learn more about the pricing options for the business plans of both Mozy and CrashPlan.


Mozy security


The free service comes with a 128-bit encryption. However, your files will be secured with a strong 448-bit Blowfish encryption, if you subscribe to any of the paid plans. Users can also choose to combine the encryption with their own passwords or use it with a unique key. The file transfer is done via 128-bit AES encrypted channel.


The standard Mozy plan for individual users also comes with customizable 448-bit Blowfish encryption. However, users can choose to add a 256-bit AES personal encryption keys. It’s important to notice that Mozy has received ISO 27001 certification for their security measures.

Bottom line

Overall, in our Mozy vs CrashPlan comparison of security measures we find that Mozy manges to outshine CrashPlan, thanks to its enhanced and certified AES encryption.


When it comes down to cloud file storage and transfers, nothing frustrates users more than slow download and upload speeds. As a result, this will be another essential factor in our Mozy vs CrashPlan comparison. It’s important to remember that both services have  bandwidth throttling, which allows users to set their own minimum speeds as to not affect the computer’s performance.

performance comparison

Bottom line

In terms of speed performance, Mozy is clearly the winner. The speed the service provides for both upload and download of your data is almost double that of CrashPlan’s.  Your speed may vary based on your location and the number of concurrent users.


Overall, Mozy is the superior cloud storage service. It offers a wide-variety of features similar to CrashPlan with the added ability of file sync. Couple this with excellent security measures and higher download and upload speeds at a slightly cheaper price, and you’ve got an amazing cloud storage solution. The only thing CrashPlan has going for it is the unlimited storage capacity.

The winner between Mozy vs CrashPlan is Mozy.

Let us know in the comments below what service is the best for you and why.

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