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OpenDrive Review at a Glance

Today’s OpenDrive review will walk you through the pros and cons of choosing this cloud storage service. Like most cloud backup and storage services, OpenDrive emerged in 2007 at a time when the need to store all our files differently became more pressing. OpenDrive has had a challenging track with many ups and downs along the way. Users posted OpenDrive complaints about service malfunctions, as well as praises. Now, it seems that the cloud storage service has reached a maturity level where its strengths prevail. Let’s see what OpenDrive has to offer in this OpenDrive review.

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OpenDrive Review at a Glance

OpenDrive is deemed one of the best solutions for both business clients and individual users. What makes it so desirable are the customizable cloud storage plans and the limitless uploading. OpenDrive can be used as a cloud backup and a cloud storage service.

1. OpenDrive Pricing

Take your time to look through the pricing plans offered by OpenDrive and you’ll get a great overview of what it has to offer overall. Go to and you will find the following:

  • Free Account. The free account features 5GB of cloud storage space. In this case, the OpenDrive size limit per file is set at 100MB. The bandwidth is also limited to 1GB per day. The OpenDrive speed limit is capped at 200Kb/s. The unique user of this account benefits from auto-backup and syncing. Of course, the tools and open features available for higher pricing plans are also available in this case.
  • Personal Unlimited. The second pricing tier features unlimited cloud storage space for individual users. This comes for $19.95 per month or $129 per year. Basically, with a Personal Unlimited account, all caps are removed. There is no limit per file size or speed or as far as the bandwidth is concerned. This plan allows the account to be shared by 4 users with the owner managing the access of the other 3 users.
  • OpenDrive Business. The Business Plan is aimed at small business clients (as the name suggests). It costs $29.95 per month or $299 per year. In addition to unlimited storage or unlimited bandwidth and other features of the Personal Unlimited, OpenDrive Business plan brings some new specs. File encryption should be a default, so we’re not talking about that. However, business clients have access to create unlimited tasks and notes. This means everything from notepads, notelists and project lists to tasks, comments, projects. The account is managed by the owner who has access to user statistics, reporting, notifications and the admin console. Plus, the business’s brand is visible on any content shared with external users and partners.
  • OpenDrive Enterprise. One notch above the OpenDrive Business Plan, this plan’s price tag is $59.95 per month or $599 per year. In addition to everything OpenDrive offers with the Business plan, the Enterprise features the partner account. This means that owners can acquire new users whose accounts are managed through the OpenDrive API.

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2. OpenDrive Client Software

Browse through any OpenDrive review from a couple of years back and you’ll notice most complaints referring to client software or dedicated applications. In this OpenDrive review, we let you know that the cloud storage and backup service now features client software for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Naturally, you can access OpenDrive from the browser as well, while all your devices are covered. This makes it simple to use OpenDrive as cloud storage and file syncing, online backup and your default file sharing service.

In addition, more advanced users can use OpenDrive as the hub for sharing and editing files as well as creating an online collaboration space.

3. OpenDrive Web Interface

For individual users who aren’t seasoned users of cloud storage and backup services, OpenDrive may seem confusing. However, upon signing up for the OpenDrive account, the browser opens a rather intuitive page. You can drag and drop the files you want in the cloud and organize them in a folder tree.

You will see several buttons at the top of the screen: Files, Applications, Settings and Users. When you start uploading the files, a progress bar measures the upload speed and the upload progress. Files appear as thumbnails in your designated folders. OpenDrive upload size depends of course on the pricing plan you choose. OpenDrive security when it comes to your files is as good as that of other similar services.

As is the case with Dropbox, another cloud storage, and backup solution, OpenDrive features a toolbar for uploading or downloading a new document, creating a new document and getting content from any Web link. You can always view bandwidth and storage indicators at the top.

Once the files are uploaded to the OpenDrive cloud, you can share them with other users or non-users. Click on the file and the Share, Download, and Version buttons appear in a top panel. Sharing is done via a link that can be sent out to anyone. You can opt for the link being public, private or hidden.

4. OpenDrive Desktop App and File Backup or Sync

The desktop app for OpenDrive is more complicated than the Carbonite app for instance. This is where users could use more intuitive options and buttons. The most interesting fact in this OpenDrive review about the Open Drive desktop app refers to how files are uploaded.

Choose a file to back up. You will notice a dialog box prompting you to back up or to synchronize the file. Backup refers to storing the original file in the OpenDrive cloud along with the edits made specifically to the file’s original location. Synchronizing the file means storing changes made anywhere.

Unlike other cloud storage services, OpenDrive doesn’t have the default backup to the cloud. You have to select the option each time separately. What OpenDrive does feature is the possibility to set up filters which exclude the backup of some files (e.g. temps or over a specified size).

All in all, as we mentioned in this OpenDrive review, the cloud storage and backup solution has its weaknesses and strengths. The positive sides in the OpenDrive review refer to the unlimited services starting with Unlimited Individual plan, the Web Interface and the multitude of features.

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