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Best Small Business Cloud Storage at Friendly Prices

Cloud Storage 101 will look at some of the best small business cloud storage options presently available. In the article, we will also be pointing out the main qualities of each cloud storage service in review.

Small Business Cloud Storage FeaturedDepending on their trade, small business owners will look for different qualities in the cloud storage service they use. Small businesses generally look for good data security and privacy and fast internal upload and download speeds and sync. Actual storage capacity is the highest variable between different businesses.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3 caters to businesses no matter their size. Currently seen as one of the cloud storage titans, Amazon S3 has amassed a list of clients, many of which are quite well known. Netflix, Airbnb, and Nasdaq are just some of the big names on Amazon’s customer list.

However, Amazon can cater to giants and small business alike. Amazon S3 guarantees above average storage encryption for privacy, along with multi-server data saving to ensure secure minimal data loss. Amazon S3 is exceptional for storing lite or small items, images being the best-known example. Amazon Glacier is an exemplary choice for businesses looking for long-term archive storage and maintenance.

Who Is Amazon Simple Storage Service Best For?

Amazon S3 is by far the most useful when employed by small businesses that do most of their work over the internet, are looking for an open interface for their client base, and mainly focus on images for their trade.

Small Business Cloud Storage The WorldBox

Box repeatedly demonstrated that they can offer a well-rounded off cloud storage alternative. The service does not have any major drawbacks when it comes to small local businesses or startups. However, Box does not manage to excel in one particular direction either.

As a small business cloud storage supplier, Box has good encryption and a generally lightweight behavior. Their support staff proves to be amazing in helping users find the best ways to use the cloud service. Nevertheless, by default Box has some of the sharpest synchronization available over the internet. Uploading, syncing and downloading large files or folders comes easy.

Who Is Box Best For?

Box is great for young companies or startups who have yet to specialize on just one aspect of business. The knowledgeable support staff will be able to help young entrepreneurs find out what they actually need from a cloud storage service and Box will most likely be able to give it to them.


CrashPlan continues to be one of the fastest online backup services available. Apart from its exceptional backup qualities, CrashPlan is another great service when it comes to sharing and distributing small files across many devices.

As a cloud storage small business supplier, CrashPlan offers top notch backup paired with solid data encryption. Apart from that, the service impresses with the flawless compatibility between its Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android programs and apps. 

Who Is CrashPlan Best For?

CrashPlan is quite versatile, the cloud storage service can fit the model of several business types. However, its pristine backup policies make it one of the default go-to choices for anyone dealing with large, client sensitive archives such as banks or private medical facilities.

The other big client base comes from businesses who rely on long distance communication and data sharing, such as travel, or journalism. The added layers of security make it a great privacy-based small business cloud storage candidate.

Small Business Cloud Storage The ManDropbox

Several social media and news services have added Dropbox integration. Even some gaming launchers use Dropbox due to its ability to keep individual user profiles separate from one another, quickly upload and download stored data, and to quickly overwrite existing data.

As a small business storage supplier, Dropbox is a popular choice mainly due to its popularity and reliability, as well as how accessible it is. It has good security and privacy standards and when it comes to upload, download, and sync over the desktop it is one of the fastest services worldwide.

In most situations, Dropbox out-speeds Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. While numerous large files do affect speed, as well as actual proximity to one of the servers, Dropbox is one of the speediest upload and sync cloud storage services available.

Who Is Dropbox Best For?

Dropbox is ideal for any company which needs to quickly pass around and store lightweight files and folders. With its Microsoft Office integration, Dropbox proves to be irreproachable for any company which heavily relies on multiple small projects, heavy documentation, or a large ever-changing knowledge base.

Google Drive

Google Drive is heavily integrated with Alphabet’s overall platform of services. On most Android phones and tablets, it comes as the default cloud storage service.Google Drive manages to maintain an almost interface on its apps, program, extensions, and browser-based variants. The different display sizes and system resources prove to be huge obstacles for developers but Google’s overcame them. Google Drive also uses Docs and Spreadsheets making it an alternative for individuals who are mobile but still need to deal with documents and graphs.

Google Drive manages to maintain an almost identical interface on its apps, program, extensions, and browser-based variants. The different display sizes and system resources prove to be huge obstacles for developers but Google’s overcame them. Google Drive also uses Docs and Spreadsheets making it an alternative for individuals who are mobile but still need to deal with documents and graphs.

As a cloud storage for business, Google Drive offers unlimited internal photo storage, increased overall account security due to Google’s separate and optional authenticator, and the option which allows multiple users to edit and comment the same file or folder at the same time.

Who Is Google Drive Best For?

By default, Google Drive is designed to appeal to the needs of all users and companies who frequently use other Google services, such as GMail, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Photos, and Google Authenticator. Apart from them, Google Drive is great for storing, sending and in-cloud editing of small files, documents, and spreadsheets. Journalists, visual media, and advertising companies also greatly benefit from the unlimited image storing.

Small Business Cloud Storage HeightsMicrosoft OneDrive

OneDrive is just an overall smooth experience for Microsoft users on desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Sharing is easy, the service comes with Microsoft Office integration making it a great choice for anyone just looking to have a minimalist operating system experience.

As a small business cloud storage supplier, OneDrive is stellar in regards to how quickly it uploads and syncs Microsoft files. Security is managed entirely by the operating system, ensuring new security protocols whenever the Windows operating system updates.

Who Is Microsoft OneDrive Best For?

Microsoft OneDrive fits the well-known corporate model of companies who want to make the best out of their Microsoft Windows licenses and services. The cloud storage service is a great internal alternative for data transfer between employees all throughout the company. File and folder backup and monitoring are always a plus.


Mozy is usually known for three great qualities: the top of the line security and encryption, the lightning quick sync speed, and the incredible accessibility it offers over devices, computers, servers alike. When it comes to alternatives to secure cloud storage for small business, these traits are some of the most sought after. Mozy manages to easily up the bar for three of the most needed properties of cloud storage and it does so in style.

Who Is Mozy Best For?

When it comes to small business cloud storage, Mozy is a glove that fits many hands. The security parameters are sound enough to handle some of the most delicate and private user data with ease. Banking, education, and medical companies, to name a few, can all easily benefit from this trait.

The sync speed is incredible in situations where every second matters, such as news or journalism.

The accessibility over multiple platforms makes collaboration from field to office agents an easy endeavor.

Small Business Cloud Storage ChangeSmall Business Cloud Storage In A Nutshell

Apart from features in regards to privacy, security, accessibility, ease of use, speed, sync, and backup, a Small Business is often required to start with the price tag.

Monthly Storage

Monthly Cost

Amazon S3


$30 / $12.5 / $7










Google Drive



Microsoft OneDrive






It is worthy of mentioning that Amazon S3 is the only listed service that charges by the Gigabyte, making it a potentially more cost effective alternative. The truth is that statistically, most young enterprises rarely happen to require a monthly storage of one Terabyte.

Small Business cloud storage becomes efficient when using cloud storage either for instant connectivity or for long-term archives.

As a business, a cloud service is much more than virtual storage. Business owners are paying for instant accessibility, the best encryption and backup security they can afford, the actual storage per user, and, last but not least, the technical support. Thus, it is up to each individual business to weigh in what features they need from a cloud service, as well as local and regional server access.

As far as small business cloud storage solutions go, do you believe there are others which deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments.

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