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SOS Online Backup Review

Today, you’ll be reading our SOS Online Backup Review. A great solution for SMBs and individual users as well. It’s one of the fastest online backup services we have ever used, and considering that we live in an age where we’re always on the go, it proves to be incredibly useful.

SOS Backup works across a variety of platforms – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Meaning that if you have more than one machine – a laptop for work, a Mac for personal projects, and a Windows PC for kids to play on; SOSOnlineBackup might just save you from the worst headaches that come with the loss of data. We’ve all been there, or will be at some point in our lives – it’s inevitable; so why not at least try to avoid it. Below you’ll find our comprehensive SOS Online Backup Review.


1. Overall Service Rating

2. Quick SOS Online Backup Service Overview

3. SOS Online Backup Features

4. SOS Online Backup Company Information

5. SOS Online Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files

6. SOS Online Backup Security Risk. Is it Safe?

7. SOS Online Backup Pricing Information

8. SOS Online Backup Support and Additional Information

9. SOS Online Backup Alternatives

10. SOS Online Backup Reviews and Complaints

10. Conclusion

1. SOS Online Backup: Overall Service Rating

What we like: In our tests, SOSBackup proved to be one of the fastest online backup solutions we have ever used. Intuitive and easy to use interface. File versioning is incredible as files are never deleted, just archived. You can back up network and external drives. Shareable files via a link. It includes a local backup app. SOS Online Backup support is extraordinary! One of the best online backup for business.

What we don’t like: It’s not competitively priced, and it can get quite expensive. Only individual files have continuous protection. There’s no File Explorer integration, which is quite a bummer.


Cloud/Backup Features ****

Extra Features ****

Usability & User Friendliness ***

Pricing **

Support *****

2.Quick SOS Online Backup Service Overview

The cheapest SOSOnline plan lets you back up only one computer, but an unlimited amount of tablets and smartphones. It offers unlimited storage even for the standard subscription. This solution is one of the best in the Web Backup market offering top-shelf security, and reliable servers. Your data will always be secure, and if you happen to mess up the last five versions of a document, you can just recuperate the original file as SOS Back Up never deletes your information. It just archives it.

As a matter of fact, this service provides the user with unlimited file versioning. You can also recover files for an indefinite period of time if they have been erronously deleted.

With awesome SOS Backup support and features, it turns this service into one of the leaders in the cloud computing industry.

SOS Online Backup Logo

“A better backup starts with better privacy.”

3.SOS Online Backup Features


PriceStorage AllotmentUpload LimitsIntegration With other ServicesOffline Use
Personal Cloud 1 – $7.99 a month/ $75.99 a year/ $139.99 for two yearsUnlimitedNo limit.None.No
Personal  Cloud 5 – $39.95 a month/ $400.95 a year/ $699.95 for two yearsUnlimitedNo limit.None.No
Business – $39.99 a month/ $399.99 a year/ $699.99 for two years100 GBNo limit.Other NAS servicesNo

Note: The Personal Cloud 1 subscription is available only for one computer, but for an unlimited amount of tablets and smartphones. The Personal Cloud 5 subscription is available for up to 5 computers – Windows or Mac. For both Personal subs, the SOS storage is unlimited. The Business plan provides NAS backup, a central backup management feature, and all of your employees get their very own backup accounts – it depends on the customized plan that you choose. If you plan on moving forward with the Business option, we recommend you get in touch directly with the company and see what fits your SMB best – official website.

The company claims that it’s 52% faster than Carbonite and 78% faster than Mozy. We agree. It’s one of the fastest online backup solutions we have ever used.

Backing up files

You can either manually select the files that you want to backup, or let SOS Online Backup scan your hard drive for a certain file type and task it to begin the transfer process. Let’s say you have loads of movies that you want on the cloud. After the scan is completed, you can select Video and back everything regarding that file type. Hovering over the info icon will display what kind of video types are supported.

File extensions

A user can specify special file extensions – documents, data base files and so on; that SOS can’t recognize via a scan. It also recognizes the files that are already backed-up.

It caches files locally

In order to deliver its security promises, SOS Backup encrypts files locally. This means that you always need enough disk space to backup data. If you have 70 GB worth of documents that you need to back up, you must make sure that you have that storage space available on your end, or the software will warn you and won’t continue the process until you freed the required amount of GBs.

Backups can be scheduled

A really great feature that helps you with your bandwidth resources. If you’re at work from 9 to 5, you can schedule it to transfer files in that time frame, so when you get home your machine won’t be strained by a huge amount of tasks.

You can even monitor the uploading process of the files, if you choose so. The only grievance we have here – minor at best; is that you can’t prioritize what file should be uploaded first. The order is chosen by SOS Online Backup.

Social media backups

There are more than 1 billion users on Facebook as of February of 2016. Daily, thousands of accounts get hacked, because people don’t think it’s going to happen to them. If your social media data is going to be compromised, at least you should have a copy of it somewhere on the cloud, right?

Mobile access

SOS Online Backup offers apps for iOS and Android. However, apps don’t provide a file viewer, and it will open the file list via the browser you have chosen. They work mostly the same as their Windows, Mac counterparts.

SOS Online Backup Download Link for iOS and Android.

4. SOS  Online Backup Company Information

SOS Online Backup has been founded in 2001, and since then, the company has improved – a more intuitive and easy to use interface, and more reliable servers. The service has been awarded many prizes, including the prestigious PCMAG award.

SOS Online Backup is located in El Segundo, California, and has offices in the Ukraine, India and Australia, with 12 data centres across the world in South Africa, Ukraine, India, the UK and US, Australia and Canada.

5. SOS Online Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files

If you want to restore or retrieve files, we recommend to use the software. Doing so manually can be a little bit of a nuisance as if you happen to have a ton of data, you may miss something, and blame the company for not providing the promised service.

With the software, you can choose to restore your data from both local and online backups. It’s faster if you select to restore data from the local database. If that local drive is broken for whatever reason, you will have to click on Online Restore.

You can also access all of your documents and files from the web interface, and transfer them to your machine. This comes in handy when you don’t want to install the software on the machine, or if that PC is not yours. Via the web interface you can share files and documents through a link.

As we mentioned before, SOS Online Backup provides an unlimited amount of file versioning. If you want to fully restore your backup, first you’ll have to go back in time through the backup wizard and select the state of the data you need retrieved.

You can also set the software to restore files that are above, below or equal a specific file size. This means that if you need files that are below 10 MB, you can task it to transfer only that data. This also works for file types – if you want to retrieve only pictures, select JPG to recover all of them.

6. SOS Online Backup Security Risk. Is it Safe?

Yes, SOS Online Backup is safe. It doesn’t prove to be a security risk at all, and to be frank, it’s one of the most secure backup solutions that you can opt-in for.

After you have entered an account email and its password, you can set a standard password for security, and the key encryption will be maintained on the server-side. You have two other options: UltraSafe and UltraSafe Max. Pick any of those and no member of the SOS staff will have access to your credentials.

SOS Online Backup offers military-grade encryptions.

7. SOS Online Backup Pricing Information

The Business plan can get out of hand really fast if you don’t pay attention to the subscription you are choosing. We recommend you talk to them directly, and tell the company your precise needs so they can offer the best plan.

We’ve gone over the Personal 1 and 5 plans at #3 – SOS Online Backup Features. Below you’ll find the standard pricing for the Business subscription.

SOS Online Backup Business Pricing Plan

8. SOS Online Backup Support and Additional Information

SOS Online Backup customer support is incredible. Their response time is fast, and they will do whatever it takes to solve your issues.

They provide a comprehensive FAQ, and you can submit a ticket and even chat online with a SOS Online Backup support team representative.

They offer round the clock, 24/7 support service. You can contact them via the official SOS Online Backup Support Page.

If you scour the internet, you can find a SOS Online Backup coupon that will chip from 15 to 30 percent off of the initial Personal 1 plan.

9. SOS Online Backup Alternatives

As alternatives go, we recommend Mozy, Carbonite and CrashPlan. All three of them are less expensive than SOS Backup, but they don’t offer the same level of security.

SOS Online Backup vs Carbonite vs Mozy vs CrashPlan, at the current moment, puts SOS Backup as leader of the ranks.

Read our in-depth Mozy Online Backup Review for more info.

10. SOS Online Backup Reviews and Complaints

The consensus of SOS Backup reviews is that this solution is worth your money, even though it’s kind of pricey. We’ve stumbled upon just one bad SOS Backup review – all the others that we managed to find were either wholeheartedly recommending it, or were noting how useful it is for SMBs.

There are several SOS Online Backup Login issues on forums, and comment sections across the web, but we didn’t encounter such problems.

11. Conclusion

We recommend SOS Online Backup mainly because it’s one of the fastest solution you can subscribe to – albeit, for quite a lot of money if you opt-in for the Business plan.

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