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SpiderOak Review

In today’s post, we will be discussing our SpiderOak review. SpiderOak is a great backup solution, but it tends to be a little bit on the expensive side. Our SpiderOak review has found this online backup service to be fantastic when it comes to privacy and security measures, focusing on delivering features that are ignored by some of its direct competitors.

However, SpiderOak pricing can become a nightmare real fast, and the provider’s customer support is not what it used to be. Worth mentioning is that SpiderOak and SpiderOakOne are literally the same – the company has chosen to change the name for marketing reasons, but the service’s direction has remain the same. For additional information, read our SpiderOak review below to see if this online backup solution is worth your money.


1. Overall Service Rating

2. Quick SpiderOak Review Backup Service Overview

3. SpiderOak Review Backup Features

4. SpiderOak Company Information

5. SpiderOak Review Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files

6. SpiderOak Review Security Risk. Is it Safe?

7. SpiderOak Review Backup Pricing Information

8. SpiderOak Review Backup Support and Additional Information

9. SpiderOak Backup Alternatives

10. SpiderOak Backup Reviews and Complaints

10. Conclusion

1. SpiderOak Review Backup: Overall Service Rating

What we like: We love that Spider Oak focuses on delivering powerful privacy features. There’s no limit on how many computers you can synchronize to one account, and it includes file syncing capabilities for all of your machines and gadgets. SpiderOak backup features offer a plethora of customization options.

What we don’t like: While SpiderOak sync is easy as pie, sharing is overly complicated and we can’t understand why. It’s a little bit slow in performance tests, something worth noting, but clearly not a deal breaker. Not only is it expensive, but when it comes down to comparing SpiderOak vs Dropbox, in terms of pricing, it takes a beating. Yes, if you can get your hands on a SpiderOak Promo Code you’ll shave a few bucks off of the initial price, but you’ll have to dig deep into the world wide web to find one. It’s not great for novices to online backup solutions. You need to know what you’re doing if you plan on using this service, if not, look for a SpiderOak alternative (we have a few listed below).


Cloud/Backup Features ****

Extra Features ***

Usability & User Friendliness **

Pricing **

Support **

2. Quick SpiderOak Backup Service Overview

Even though SpiderOak has a great sense for privacy, and provides more than decent syncing and backup features, speed isn’t at the same ranks as its direct competitors, and pricing isn’t competitive at all. Initially, it may look like its subscriptions are cheap, or at least decently priced, but if you want more out of SpiderOak, and opt in for a premium account, you’ll find yourself paying way too much.

SpiderOak Review

Dropbox is hostile to privacy, unlike ‘zero knowledge’ SpiderOak. 
– Edward Snowden

3.  SpiderOak Review Features

PriceStorage Allotment
Free – 60-day trial2 GB
$7 a month or $79 a year30 GB
$12 a month or $129 per year1 TB
$25 a month or $279 per year5 TB

*Note: The SpiderOak referral program is currently being reworked. It used to give 1 GB for every friend that you invited and ending up joining the service. It’s worth noting, exactly like the other SpiderOak reviews on the web, that the free account is available only for 60 days. However, it doesn’t require a credit card. It’s also worth mentioning that iDrive and OneDrive both offer permanent 5 GB accounts, instead of the measly 2 gigs for 60 days provided by


A brilliant feature that we simply have to talk about in our SpiderOak review. ShareRooms lets the user create a RoomKey and a ShareID where he, or she, can share files with other people. The thing is, those people who you share files with can be from outside the SpiderOak network. Meaning, if they don’t have a SpiderOak account, they can still get the files. It’s a great option for those who need to share files and folders with coworkers of friends across a variety of projects.


The service works for Windows as well as Mac, and there’s even an option for SpiderOak Linux. It offers a standard basic backup option for users to select which folders they want to automatically and constantly transfer to the cloud, as well as categories for Music, Pictures, Desktop, and Movies.

There’s an advanced option that lets users select boxes placed next to individual folders and files in order to customize the backup process. Yet, the feature is quite complicated and you’ll need some experience if you plan on using it. It’s not recommended for novice users.

There’s a SpiderOak Android version, as well as an iOS one, but the mobile experience will be downright useless unless you set up the SpiderOak app on your computer. The SpiderOak mobile platform also includes Nokia N900 and its Maemo 5 Linux-based operating system.

The automatic backup features works like a charm, and users can edit and move files and folders around and SpiderOak will detect any changes made. It offers a forever recorded file versioning, which in everyone’s book should be an excellent feature. If you happen to delete or overwrite an important document you can easily restore the file to its previous version.

Download SpiderOak from the official website.

4. SpiderOak Backup Company Information

The SpiderOak company was founded in 2007 by Alan Fairless and Ethan Oberman. It has its headquarters in Chicago where there are employed 42 staff members. The backup solution opened offices in Kansas City and San Francisco in 2013, and has started hiring remote employees from outside and inside the territory of the United States of America.

5. SpiderOak Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files

When it comes to file restoration, our SpiderOak review has found the backup solution to simply excel. You can choose to retrieve data through either the web interface or by using the SpiderOak app. Both have the same features and capabilities.

The files stored on the cloud are never deleted, meaning that users never have to worry that they won’t have the chance to restore an old file after a few years have went by. And even though it lacks the ease and simplicity of restoring files, commonly found in the service’s competitors, the process is reliable and hasn’t once failed on retrieving our data.

SpiderOak doesn’t call this process restoration or retrieving, it calls it simply viewing the file.

When it comes to restoration and retrieving speed, comparing SpiderOak vs Dropbox vs SugarSync results in SpiderOak helming the bronze medal.

6. SpiderOak Backup Security Risk. Is it Safe?

SpiderOak security and privacy is top-notch, as the company is an adept of the zero-knowledge policy. This means that all of your data is readable only to you. There are no plaintext data, nor keys or file meta data stored on the company’s servers. Edward Snowden has claimed that Dropbox is super hostile to privacy, unlike the zero-knowledge SpiderOak, and went as far as recommending the service to whoever wants to keep personal documents private.

7. SpiderOak Backup Pricing Information

All the plans allow unlimited devices on one account, making it really interesting if you happen to work and edit on various machines and gadgets. More so, we recommend you pay the annual fee, instead of the monthly one, as it helps you shave a few bucks off of the base price.

8. SpiderOak Backup Support and Additional Information

The company offers online support to all of its customers – including those who opt in just for the 60-day free trial. And besides this, it offers a comprehensive frequently asked library and user documentation that can be accessed here.

However, we have found that the online support lacks the much needed expertise, and response time is quite long. Yet, the FAQ and user documentation should more than suffice for the usual issues.

9. SpiderOak Backup Alternatives

We can name Backblaze, Crashplan and even JottaCloud and JustCloud as great alternatives. However, the main battle is between SpiderOak vs SugarSync, which crowns the latter as king. SugarSync has better plans, and pricing, better backup features, and extra goodies and even the mobile medium is more polished. In terms of security, however, SpiderOak takes the lead, and when it comes to file restoration, both are practically the same.

10. SpiderOak Backup Reviews and Complaints

The consensus of SpiderOak reviews is that the backup solution provides loads of awesome features, however it tends to get on the pricey side for premium subs. Also, that SpiderOak encryption and privacy is one of the provider’s greatest features.

There are loads of forums posts and complaints that note how terrible the SpiderOak customer support is.

11. Conclusion

Our SpiderOak review has come to an end, and we have mixed feelings with recommending this online backup provider. On one hand it has amazing security and privacy features, it’s a little bit expensive, but we can look over it. However, we can’t look over the fact that their customer support is all sorts of horrible.

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