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SugarSync Online Backup Review

This review is aimed at the SugarSync Online Backup service. We’ll discuss everything from security, pricing, to how you can access the SugarSync file manager, as well as the company’s customer service and support channel. This post represents a breakdown on everything you need to know about the SugarSync Online Backup service if you plan on subscribing.

There are a lot of backup apps, but not all of them are great. Some are gateways to hackers, because they don’t have the much needed TLS SSL 3.3 encryption system, or prove to be too hard for beginners. This file synchronization software is a great choice regardless if you are using it to keep your personal data safe, or collaborate with work colleagues from basically everywhere you can get an internet connection. But, ultimately, why use SugarSync as your online backup client? To answer your question scroll below, or pick one of the chapters in our table of contents, and read our comprehensive SugarSync Review 2016 to see if this online backup service is worth your time and money.

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1. Overall Service Rating

2. Quick SugarSync Online Backup Service Overview

3. SugarSync Online Backup Features

4. SugarSync Online Backup Company Information

5. SugarSync Online Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files

6. SugarSync Online Backup Security Risk. Is it safe?

7. SugarSync Online Backup Pricing Information

8. SugarSync Online Backup Support and Additional Information

9. SugarSync Online Backup Alternatives

10. SugarSync Online Backup Reviews and Complaints

11. Conclusion

1. SugarSync Online Backup: Overall Service Rating

What we like: It’s super easy to use, intuitive and to the point. The most accessible user interface we’ve seen. Apps are reliable and stable, and SugarSync saves up to 5 previous versions of the files.

What we don’t like: SugarSync is not competitively priced. The credit card free trial option is hidden away in the depths of the official website, and the SugarSync customer support is infuriating.


Cloud/Backup Features ****

Extra Features ****

Usability & User Friendliness *****

Pricing ***

Support **

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2. Quick SugarSync Online Backup Service Overview

Truly, what is SugarSync? It’s many things – a reliable backup software, albeit expensive one; but we can’t say for sure that SugarSync is the best service for data recovery and backup. What we can say for certain is that it trumps a lot of competitors – which, in this industry, they are a dime a dozen.

SugarSync is aimed at those always on the run. The SugarSync app is available for iOS and Android, Mac and Windows-based machines. Wherever you are, you know for sure that you can get in touch with your employees and review those precious presentation files that need to be sent out to clients all across the country.

“Unlike Dropbox, SugarSync® enables you to back up your existing folder structure.”

SugarSynch Online Backup Review

3. SugarSync Online Backup Features

PriceStorage AllotmentUpload LimitsIntegration with other servicesOffline Use
Free – for 90 days5 GBOver 250GB per day bandwidth. Unlimited file size.BoxcryptorAvailable
Individual 100GB

$7.49 a month/ $74.49 a year

100 GBOver 250GB per day bandwidth. Unlimited file size.BoxcryptorAvailable
Individual 250GB

$9.99 a month/ $99.99 a year

250 GBOver 250GB per day bandwidth. Unlimited file size.BoxcryptorAvailable
Individual 500GB

$24.99 a month/ $249.99 a year

500 GBOver 250GB per day bandwidth. Unlimited file size.BoxcryptorAvailable

$55 a month/ $550 a year

1000 GBOver 250GB per day bandwidth. Unlimited file size.BoxcryptorAvailable

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The software offers synch backup, but that’s not all. With Sugar you can synch files to external hard drive for free! All of your sensitive data will be uploaded continuously for as long as you make use of the service. Yet, the greatest feature is one that we don’t see that often. If you have used Dropbox in the past, you know what I’m talking about. After installing the software, a folder will be added to your file system called The SugarSync Magic Briefcase. Essentially, it’s a central folder where you can put all of your files, and create your very own folders too. You can add folders or files by dragging and dropping them into the Magic Briefcase, and you can even give certain files priority so they can upload first – to do so, go to the SugarSync menu tray and select File Transfer Status.

What is the SugarSync Manager? It’s your ordinary file management system, which allows the user to organize, and choose what he wants to do with his personal data. It’s wrapped around a super intuitive and easy to use user interface, that doesn’t glitch when you most need it.

We love the SugarSync Manager because it offers the ability to add folders in a variety of ways. Besides Drag & Drop, you can just right-click on a folder or file and select whether you want to back it up from there. Sadly, users can’t make scheduled backups. The software will only upload every selected folder and file right away.

Users can even share files by making a right-click on the folder and selecting Share File or Folder. Your browser will open up, and you’ll be prompted with a window from where you can give read-only access to specific people, or permissions to edit a file.

Another great feature is how SugarSync is your cloud to go to if you need to create photo albums and share them with your aunts, and uncles, grandmas and grandpappies.

4. SugarSync Online Backup Company Information

SugarSync is a San Mateo, California-based company, which was founded in 2008. The company claims that it has millions of users worldwide, and brands such as Lenovo, BestBuy, SanDisk, Korea Telecom, France Telecom-Orange, and other countless partners. Prior to its 2008 launch, the company was part of Sharpcast. Even though SugarSync pricing for subscriptions is through the roof, the firm is still a reputable name in the industry.

SugarSync was purchased by J2 Global in March of 2015.

5. SugarSync Online Backup Restore Features and Retrieving Files

There is no button that says restore my files now, like you would find in other online backup solutions. Yet, you can still restore files with SugarSync.

All of your data is synchronized between your machines. This means that if your main hard drive has crashed and burned, you can install the sugar sync client, log in with your set credentials and the software will automatically begin to download all of the stored files.

SugarSynch Online Backup

More so, if you don’t have time for this somewhat long process, or you don’t want to reinstall the client, you can easily access all of your data via the web interface. Once there, individually select which files you want to restore and SugarSync will do the rest.

SugarSync file versioning is a little bit low, as the software only stores the past 5 versions of your files. However, only the last version will count against your storage quota.Visit Site Button

6. SugarSync Online Backup Security Risk. Is it safe?

SugarSync encryption is based on TLS SSL 3.3 to send files over the Internet. TLS is the industry’s standard, mind you. All of your personal data is going to be encrypted in the cloud with 256-bit AES, which is used by loads of, if not all, financial institutions across the globe.

Sadly, your files and folders aren’t encrypted locally before sending them over. To add more security to your data, you can use services like Boxcryptor to add another tight layer. However, please note that no online syncing or backup service can guarantee you 100 percent security.

7. SugarSync Online Backup Pricing Information

Every paid account gets a 30-day trial, and you can even opt-in for a free, no card required, SugarSync 5 GB plan that’s available for 90 days. Yet, you have to do some searching on their official website.

The base subscription is called Individual 100GB and it costs $7.49 monthly, or $74.49 per year for 100 GB. If you are in need of more storage allotment, the Individual 250GB might do the trick and it’s just a little bit more expensive costing you $9.99 monthly, or $99.99 a year for 250 GB. The Individual 500GB plan is recommended for the heavy consumer with fees of $24.99 monthly, or $249.99 for 500 GB. The Business plan is aimed at those who have a small business that need to organize and verify data, while travelling at the same time. It costs $55 monthly, or $550 a year, for 1000 GB.

8. SugarSync Online Backup Support and Additional Information

Is SugarSync your cloud to store data on? Well, it definitely can be given that it has a sleek user interface but when it comes to support they might want to reasses their standings. They do market the fact that they respond super quick, and they try their best to help users, but the SugarSync customer service is quite horrendous – more on this later on.

Also, apparently, the company doesn’t manage its own servers, so backup support will be disappointing, as you will have to wait long periods of times if you happen to have issues with the software.

SugarSynch Online Backup Service Review

Yet, the company does offer an e-mail address, as well as a phone number and even a live chat support if you happen to stumble upon problems. On their official website, users can read their pretty thought-through FAQs, tutorials and other comprehensive online guides.

On the marketing side of things, the SugarSync cloud storage Staples partnership, which has started in February the 5th of 2014, notes that the online backup solution will also be offered via the office supply chain store behemoth’s EasyTech support program.

Click here for the SugarSync download page to get the app.

9. SugarSync Online Backup Alternatives

The question of who wins in the battle of SugarSync vs. Dropbox is widespread, and we can’t give you a precise answer as both online services are excellent. What we can say is that Dropbox offers a whole lot more storage allotment at a cheaper price, but it has limited features and it’s not considered a reputable backup solution – it’s a more cloud storage-oriented service than a backup software.

Another great SugarSync alternative is JottaCloud, which costs more or less the same as Dropbox, However, it has slower upload speeds than both the aforementioned clients.

10. SugarSync Online Backup Reviews and Complaints

One SugarSync security review notes that even though it comes with an intuitive UI, beginners will be a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of features. Security is better than what you can find in Dropbox, and it’s also a ton more versatile.

Other Sugar Synch reviews say that it has shortcomings in how much it can store, and that the file versioning isn’t up to the current standard.

Talking about complaints, many users have taken to forums and comments section to type away their disgust for the SugarSync support service. Some note that there are no refunds available, and that the company will never let you know when your subscription is going to be auto-renewed. Meaning that if you forget, you’ll be charged with another subscription. In one occasion, SugarSync charged an expired credit card.

One user has taken to the forums to note how he got stuck in the SugarSync login phase, and that the company couldn’t be contacted via a phone number because he didn’t paid for that kind of support service.

11. Conclusion

There are quite a lot of flaws when it comes to the SugarSync customer service, but it seems that the company has been listening to the community feedback and it has made steps on improving their support channel. SugarSync proves to be a great online backup solution, but with a limited storage allotment. The user interface is manageable, and even your tech impaired aunt can get around the software. This concludes our SugarSync file synchronization software review, we hope you made the right decision!Visit Site Button

Image Source: SugarSync

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