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Syncplicity Review – Cloud Storage and File Sync Service

Read our Syncplicity review to find out everything about Syncplicity the synchronization service powered by the EMC Corporation. EMC Syncplicity is deemed one of the best such services on the market. EMC Corporation also operates Mozy, the online backup service. Syncplicity is the file synchronization service that’s easy to use and is fit for performant online cooperation. Similar to what other cloud storage services have to offer in terms of file management (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc), Syncplicity has integrated the Microsoft Office 365 package.

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Syncplicity Review at a Glance

Syncplicity is fairly easy to use whether you’re looking for a service that can securely sync files and folders or one that also offers the possibility to collaborate with friends, family, and partners. In this Syncplicity review, we are going to look at how the online file sync solution fares.

The main arguments for the service are an outstanding security, the folder sync features, the user-friendly apps for desktop and mobile and the lack of a file size cap. The main arguments that could prove a deal-breaker for some refer to the slow upload speed and the impossibility to sync external drives or NAS.

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Syncplicity Package Pricing

Syncplicity EMC offers several pricing plans, each aimed at a specific category of users. Syncplicity pricing is divided as follows.

1. Syncplicity Personal Edition

For once, home users or individual users who don’t need more than 10GB of storage space can download Syncplicity for free. The second pricing tier for Syncplicity Personal starts at $60 per year for 100 GB per user.

The basics included in this package are unlimited file size synchronizing, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited file size sync. In addition, both tiers include the possibility to sync any desktop folder. If you’re syncing files from the mobile or editing them on a mobile device, the editing is secure. PDF annotation is a great feature to have when you’re working on PDF documents on the go. Document versioning, as well as document backup, is done in real-time.

As file collaboration is one of Syncplicity’s trademarks, the feature is incorporated into these basic pricing plans as well. One of the best thing about cloud storage with Syncplicity is that you can choose between US or EU location.

2. Syncplicity Business Edition

The Business edition also starts at $60/year/user for 100GB of cloud storage space. However, what differentiates this option from the paid personal pricing plan is the minimum number of users which has been raised to three.

A second plan for the Business Edition brings 300GB of cloud storage plus 5GB/user. The pricing details are not disclosed. Thus, those interested in finding out more should contact Syncplicity directly.

3. Syncplicity Enterprise Edition

This pricing plan is also not fully disclosed. However, while it offers a wide array of useful features, it requires that the enterprise has a minimum of 25 users. One of the greatest novelties brought about by Syncplicity compared to, for instance, Synplicity vs Dropbox, is hybrid cloud storage – public/private cloud and on-premises.

Get Started with Syncplicity

All three Synplicity editions offer a free trial period as signaled on As you will notice, getting started isn’t difficult at all. Go the website and create your user account. Syncplicity download doesn’t last long and the desktop client, available both for Mac and Windows is user-friendly and fairly intuitive.

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1. File Sync with Syncplicity

We mentioned at the beginning of the Syncplicity review that it the service is mainly intended for rapid and secure file sync and collaboration. Once the desktop client is installed, you can start picking the folders you want to sync. Adding files and folders to Syncplicity can be done in two ways:

  • Use to Syncplicity EMC software via the Manage Folders option.
  • Use Explorer to find the folder you want to sync. Right-click on it, select Syncplicity and Add to Syncplicity.

Files not only sync to the cloud, but to all your devices. If you want to download files on a mobile device, they must be marked as Favorites as soon as the Syncplicity app is installed.

2. File Backup and File Versioning with Syncplicity

Files are automatically backed up with this file synchronization service. File versioning is also enabled, which is quite convenient if you wish to return to an older version of a given file or simply restore a file that has been deleted from the source.

Older versions of modified files, as well as deleted files, are part of the cloud storage quota with Syncplicity. The service keeps 10 versions of one file. Deleted files remain in the cloud for 30 days. Restoring deleted files can be done from the web interface. Go to your online account, click the Deleted Files button, select the file you wish to restore and click on Restore.

Restoring older file versions is also a breeze. Via the web interface, find the file you wish to restore, click on Versions and choose the one you’re interested in. Click Restore.

3. Syncplicity Security

At the beginning of our Syncplicity review, we mentioned that one of the strongest points of this cloud storage and file synchronization service is security. Well, Syncplicity uses AES-256 encryption for data transmission and safekeeping on the Syncplicity servers. Encryption keys are stored separately from customer data. Communication uses AES-256 SSL. Folders or files which you want to protect during sharing can be assigned a password. Moreover, Syncplicity also supports two-factor authentication for all accounts.

4. File Sharing and Collaborating on Files with Syncplicity

File sharing is a breeze with this service. Just as is the case with most cloud storage solutions and file sync services, all you need to do is create a link or send an invitation. Syncplicity mobile apps, as well as the web interface and desktop client, offer the possibility to work online of PDF and MSOffice documents.

All in all, Syncplicity is one of the best cloud storage and file synchronizations services on the market at the moment. It’s easy to use, it offers plenty of cloud storage space and, as mentioned before in our Syncplicity review, it sports great collaboration features and security.

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