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Touro Cloud Backup Simple Cloud Backup Solution

Touro Cloud Backup is the cloud backup solution which automatically provides local and cloud backup for all your files. Users who opt for the free package benefit from a default cloud backup space of 3GB. The paid account limits the cloud backup space to 250GB and sells for $59 per month. Touro Cloud Backup is a simple cloud backup solution which allows users to securely share their files with friends and family by creating a link.

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Touro Cloud Backup at a Glance

Provided you choose Touro backup as your cloud backup solution, installing the Touro backup software is a breeze. Head to their website –, enter your email address and start the free trial period. All you need to do is install the software on your Windows OS computer or Mac. The installation process adds an auto-start registry entry. This makes it possible for the Touro Cloud Backup program to run on each boot. The software, developed by HGST, includes 11 files.

Touro Cloud Backup Apps

The cloud backup service can be accessed via the desktop app for Mac or Windows or online. In addition, it’s easy to access your cloud backup account from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. The iOS and Android apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play respectively.

Touro Cloud Backup Pricing

Tuoro backup offers 3GB of storage space for free. Users still need to create a user account. However, if you need more storage space, Touro Cloud Backup offers 250GB for $59 per year. The Touro Cloud Backup features do not differ between the free account and the paid account.

The Touro backup dashboard which can be accessed online features a progress bar indicating the amount of free storage space.

File Backup with Touro Cloud Backup

Upon creating the users account and installing the cloud backup app, Tuoro backup guides you through the fairly uncomplicated process. You will have your local and online backup set up in no time. Backing up files can be customized or automated.

The local backup can be stored either on a mapped network drive or on a local hard drive. You can choose precisely which files to back up locally or online or allow the program to run the default option.

  • File Type. Touro Cloud backup doesn’t impose any restrictions on the type of file. You can back up you video library, audio library, image library or documents in no time.
  • File Size Cap. The file size cap is set at 5GB. The cap applies to both the free account and the paid account. Nonetheless, Touro has a default setting that doesn’t allow backup for files larger than 200MB.

Touro backup will stop running automatically if the internet connection fails. Nonetheless, it remembers the progress and automatically picks up the backup process from where it was left in the first place.

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File Versioning and File Recovery

Toro backup supports file versioning. Tuoro users can access up to 10 versions of one file, all of each are stored in the cloud. Provided you delete files from the local hard drive, they can still be accessed from the cloud. Moreover, you can easily restore the file version you need. Files deleted from the local hard drive are kept indefinitely in the cloud unless you decide to also delete them online.

Backup Features

With Touro Cloud Backup users can easily choose between automatic backup of the files and customized backup. In addition, you can set your own speed limit and file size cap up to 5GB. Nonetheless, keep in mind that depending on your connection speed as well, Touro’s upload speed reaches an average of 1.1 Mbps. The average download speed is 1.4 Mbps.

File Sync and File Sharing with Touro Cloud Backup

One of the disadvantages of this cloud backup solution is that it doesn’t support file sync or selective sync features. In addition, no collaborative features have been integrated with the service. Nonetheless, Touro makes it easy to share music, videos, images, and documents with friends and family.
Access your files from any device, browse, find the file you would like to share and create a link that is sent to the person you want to share the file with. File sharing can be done via the web interface, the desktop app or the Touro mobiles apps. File sharing comes with the following features:

  • Password protection.
  • Email link.
  • Time limit.

Touro backup service doesn’t support file sharing via FTP.

Touro Cloud Backup Security

The cloud backup service has several encryption systems in place. Your files are secured both during transfer and during storage. The program encrypts data and divides it into three different sections. The transfer channel is SSL encrypted. This system is used by banks as well as online card payment systems. Once your data is stored on the servers, it is archived on a RAID system rather than being reconstructed.

Touro backup doesn’t offer two-factor authentication. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker as most cloud backup solutions or cloud storage solutions lack this feature. Moreover, personal encryption keys are not supported by the cloud backup service.

Touro Backup Support

Customer support is difficult to reach with Touro. The website of the cloud backup service features a Frequently Asked Questions section. Nonetheless, the questions and answers refer to general interest issues and fail to address specific troubleshooting problems.

Users can connect to the social media accounts of the cloud backup solution where such issues may be discussed. Alternatively, search for the contact page of the Touro backup solution parent company, HGST. This is where a contact form can be accessed, as well as an email address and a customer support phone number. Do not expect 24/7 support or live chat.

This Touro Cloud Backup review emphasized the Tuoro cloud backup pros and cons to allowing prospective users to make an informed choice. Overall, the cloud backup service offers good value for the money. Furthermore, it is easy to use as most of the features and options are highly intuitive.

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