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Zoolz Review. Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Read more about the cloud backup solution for home users and business with our Zoolz review. Find this service’s strengths and weaknesses at a glance. Zoolz cloud storage and backup service is fairly easy to use and offers a lifetime of backup for all your data.
It is also praised for the multitude of features which are rarely found with other cloud backup services intended for both home users and business users. It’s accessible as far as prices are concerned. At the same time, this Zoolz review cannot leave out the fact that there are some weaknesses this service presents.

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Zoolz Review

Here are the main strengths and weaknesses of the cloud backup and cloud storage service which makes use of the Amazon web services structure. This enables Zoolz to offer performant services at decent prices.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Pros

Zoolz Cloud Backup Cons

· Local backup and local archiving

· Accessible prices

· Enhanced security features

· Easy to use

· Delays in restoring files

· Bandwidth limits to upload/download for larger quantities of files

· Basic user level

Overall, Zoolz is a good cloud storage and backup solution for those looking for a lifetime guarantee of cloud backup. For users who need to quickly restore files from the cloud to their devices, it’s better to turn their attention elsewhere.

Zoolz Review. Pricing

Zoolz offers several pricing tiers based on the type of cloud storage you would like. That is due to the fact that Zoolz uses two types of cloud storage. One keeps your data accessible at any point. The second, called cold storage is designed to keep files in inactive storage. Here are the Home pricing tiers provided by Zoolz.

  • Zoolz Basic. This package offers 100GB cloud storage space for 1 user. It comes at $12.99 per year. However, it doesn’t support the backup of external hard drives as other plans. The support is basic. Nonetheless, there is no backup limitations or file size cap.
  • Zoolz Plus. This package costs $44.99 per year for 500GB of cloud storage and a maximum limit of 3 users. It includes the backup of one external hard drive or network drive.
  • Zoolz Family. The Family package supports up to 5 users and offers 1TB of cloud storage. Under the Zoolz Family package, users can backup up to 3 network or external drives. The price tag for the package is $69.99 per year.
  • Zoolz Heavy. The plan is recommended for advanced, heavy users who may find their needs better met by 4TB of cloud storage space. This plan supports up to 5 users and includes backup of unlimited external or network drives. The price tag for this plan is $244.99 per year.

All plans benefit from support, cold storage or immediately accessible storage features, as well as a free tryout. Just head to the Zoolz website, download the software and try Zoolz for free. Should you wish to use it as your cloud backup and storage solution, credit card details will be required.

Zoolz Review. Backup and Storage

Backing up files in the cloud is fairly uncomplicated with Zoolz. The low prices of all the packages, be they intended for home users or business users, are due to the fact that Zoolz uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure to keep data in cold storage.

You can decide by yourself which files you want to be kept in cold storage, and which in instant storage. Files which are often used should be kept in instant storage, while the rarely used ones should be sent to cold storage. For files kept in the latter, Zoolz provides thumbnails and instant search features so that users know what they need to restore.

Zoolz Backup zoolz review

Zoolz Cloud Backup

Zoolz offers several services for users who want to backup their data.

  • Via the desktop client. This is the typical feature offered by most other cloud storage and backup solutions on the market. It’s fairly simple and intuitive to use. Plus, it offers users great control over the processes.
  • Via mail. This is less typical and puts Zoolz on a vantage point compared to other services. Users can copy and encrypt their files on an external drive and mail it to Zoolz. The data is then remotely transferred to the Zoolz data centers. The drive is subsequently wiped clean and sent back to the user. This option is available at any time during the timeframe of the Zoolz subscription.

Zoolz offers automatic, scheduled and manual backup features. We mentioned the user control features in this Zoolz review. Well, you have control over the backups and the bandwidth you wish to dedicate to this processes. You can also include or exclude certain files from automatic backup based on a common word or phrase.

Another instance where Zoolz excels is removing file deduplication and offering file compression. Deduplication, the compression technique for data is used to prevent saving the same file, thus reducing the time and used storage space.

Zoolz Review. Working with Data

Once you have installed the Zoolz software, you can start using the desktop client available for Mac and Windows. Select files manually, as well as folders and drag and drop for safe keeping. With unlimited cloud backup and no file size cap, you can pretty much save anything at hand.

One vantage point of Zoolz is that offers a lifetime of cloud backup. This means that even if you delete files from your machine, you will always be able to retrieve them from Zoolz, provided they were saved there in the first place. While most other services keep deleted files for a maximum of 30 days, Zoolz offers a lifetime guarantee.

Sharing files are easy. Select the file you want to share and create a direct link, email it or share it via social media. The iOS and Android mobile apps allow users to view, edit and save files directly from the mobile device.

Zoolz Review. Security

Security of your data is one of the greatest selling points for Zoolz. Before transit, data is encrypted using the 256-AES encryption protocol. While in the transfer, data is protected with 256-SSL encryption. At last, while at rest in the Zoolz data centers, your data is protected with 256-AES encryption.

Overall, Zoolz is fairly good priced cloud backup and storage service that offers a host of novel and useful features. It’s certainly recommended for the cold storage service, the low prices and high security.

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